4.2.4 December 5, 2023
Improved compatibility with the Teamwork app, fixed few minor issues.
4.2.3 December 1, 2023
Optimized the UI of the Pocket Lists embedded checklist mode for Shop-Script & Teamwork apps.
4.2.2 October 19, 2023
Improved compatibility with PHP 8.0.
Fixed few minor UI issues.
4.2.1 March 22, 2023
Optimized the app to stay up to date with the latest Webasyst 2.8.0 UI improvements and the upcoming release of Shop-Script X.
4.2.0 May 26, 2022
Turning your Webasyst into a fully-fledged team collaboration hub. Check out Pocket Lists > About page. A bunch of secret promo codes is now available for our beloved long-time Pocket Lists users.
4.1.0 May 17, 2022
Fixed few minor UI issues, updated Status & Cash Flow app icons on the About page.
4.0.5 February 8, 2022
Fixed email display issues in Microsoft Outlook (migrated from rem to px for emails).
4.0.4 December 29, 2021
Move along, nothing to see here. Fixed few minor bugs.
4.0.3 August 30, 2021
Added few secret promocodes for Pocket Lists users to try out our latest and most powerful apps — Webasyst Teamwork & Webasyst Cash Flow. Head on to Pocket Lists > About for details.
4.0.2 August 30, 2021
4.0.1 August 14, 2021
Cleaned up few legacy files and improved the app overall performance.
4.0.0 August 1, 2021
All new Webasyst 2 UI. Friendly, fast, easy to use, with the support for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.
3.7.1 December 24, 2020
Fixed few minor UI issues related to the Tasks app and Shop-Script integrations.
3.7.0 November 26, 2020
Integrated Pocket Lists with the Webasyst Teamwork (Tasks) app. The integration works similar to Pocket Lists to Shop-Script integration and eventually enables you to work with subtasks in the Tasks app.
3.6.1 October 1, 2020
Fixed few minor UI bugs related to completed to-do item list display and list name escaping \( ^_^)/