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Pocket Lists

Reminds about important to-dos and orders

4.0.4 December 29, 2021
Move along, nothing to see here. Fixed few minor bugs.
4.0.3 August 30, 2021
Added few secret promocodes for Pocket Lists users to try out our latest and most powerful apps — Webasyst Teamwork & Webasyst Cash Flow. Head on to Pocket Lists > About for details.
4.0.1 August 14, 2021
Cleaned up few legacy files and improved the app overall performance.
4.0.0 August 1, 2021
All new Webasyst 2 UI. Friendly, fast, easy to use, with the support for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.
3.7.1 December 24, 2020
Fixed few minor UI issues related to the Tasks app and Shop-Script integrations.
3.7.0 November 26, 2020
Integrated Pocket Lists with the Webasyst Teamwork (Tasks) app. The integration works similar to Pocket Lists to Shop-Script integration and eventually enables you to work with subtasks in the Tasks app.
3.6.1 October 1, 2020
Fixed few minor UI bugs related to completed to-do item list display and list name escaping \( ^_^)/
3.6.0 May 20, 2020
Improved the app performance and caching. The overall experience of the UI should now feel much better when it comes to working with large amounts of data (10K+ to-do items).
3.5.0 March 26, 2020
Integrated support for the Pocket Lists PRO plugin new feature — delayed to-do creation based on Cron (to-dos can now be configured to create with a delayed after the order action was performed). Fixed few minor bugs and improved the overall app UI and performance.
3.4.4 December 22, 2019
Fixed few minor bugs.
3.4.3 December 16, 2019
Fixed few minor bugs related to email notifications delivery, Webasyst log feed, and minor UI flaws.
3.4.2 October 16, 2019
Compatibility with the latest Pocket Lists PRO plugin feature — the ability to automate to-do creation based on actions performed with Shop-Script orders.
3.4.1 October 4, 2019
Enabled the app to support plugins created by third party developers (check out the new in-app "Plugins" page!).
3.4.0 September 18, 2019

Pocket Lists PRO! Integrated the plugin platform into the app and prepared the first version of the all-new Pocket Lists PRO plugin that enables advanced features such as kanban board, quick entry templates, status labels, and activity log.

Few minor bugs were fixed with this update as well.

3.3.0 June 20, 2019

Major UI update. You might see no difference at a first sight, but that is just a superficial impression. We've updated most niche interfaces of the app, and altogether, they make a huge difference when it comes to the overall efficiency and the feeling of the app:

  • Added a to-do add mode switch which allows you to toggle between a new detailed mode (all details are shown before you save an item) and a compact one (all details are hidden by default). Use the arrow toggle on the right so the app will save your preference.
  • Brought commenting back to a to-do list body. No need to open a sidebar to discuss tasks.
  • In Shop-Script, made the 'New to-do' functionality visible by default.
  • Improved all to-do counters display and calculation algorithms.
  • Integrated Pocket Lists with the Webasyst Team app: added a tab that allows you to quickly assign to-dos to your teammates without leaving the Team app.
  • Added the ability to search for to-do items and lists.
  • Applied many other minor tweaks and bug fixes.

Up next on our list — a Pocket Lists PRO plugin for most demanding users. The plugin will add advanced functionality such as by-project and by-list timelines, automated to-do creation based on actions with Shop-Script orders, custom to-do statuses, and even an Agile board.

3.2.3 May 28, 2019
Fixed issues related to the app icon counter update and to-do item by-priority sort order.
3.2.2 May 27, 2019
Improved the app user interface feedback when working with big amounts of data (1K+ completed to-dos in a single list) using the lazy loading data fetching on all app screens.
3.2.1 May 12, 2019
Fixed an issue related to in-subfolder Webasyst installations. Improved the access rights validations for to-dos linked with Shop-Script orders.
3.2.0 May 11, 2019

Refactoring! A minor idea of slightly optimizing the app performance eventually evolved into the re-writing of almost the entire app. Not much have changed visually, but the server-side part of the app is almost all-new. Refactoring allowed us to improve the user interface feedback, reduce the server load, and to enhance the speed of almost all basic actions the app user interface offers.

Fixed bugs related to the access rights setup and email notifications.

Step by step, we are getting closer to integrating Pocket Lists for Webasyst and iOS. Though, several useful features are to be released first: better integration with Shop-Script, to-do search, dashboard widget, etc.

As a bonus for this release: you may now use any emojies in your Pocket Lists item and list content :)

3.1.2 January 29, 2019
  • Fixed a minor JS issue that occurred on certain Webasyst installations
  • Minimum Shop-Script version requirement was raised to 7.3.0.
3.1.1 January 25, 2019

Improved the user interface, fixed bugs, made the app to work better and more stable.

  • Added the ability to link existing to-dos with Shop-Script orders.
  • Improved the ‘pockets-vs-lists’ user access rights control.
  • Upgraded commenting (chat box) user interface with auto-focus and auto-adjustable input field size.
  • Fixed minor bugs reported by the app users: the app icon counter bug, datepicker calendar malfunction, and few others.
3.1.0 January 10, 2019
  • User interface just got better:
    • Item discussion is now displayed in the sidebar so commenting won’t mess up with to-do content anymore.
    • Item details form is now opened in the to-do list body making the editing process inline and strait-forward (try double-clicking an item to edit quickly).
    • To-do item last action output format changed to relative making it easier to be up to date on what happened and when.
    • Key to-do parameters (assignment, due date, and priority) can now be set prior to save.
    • Alt + Click between to-do items now allows you to create a new to-do in the middle of a to-do list.
    • Lots of other minor tweaks and improvements.
  • Lazy loading for completed items (significantly improves the loading time for lists with long history, i.e. 1K+ to-do items),
  • Drag-n-drop lists to pockets,
  • Drag-n-drop items to lists,
  • Disabled contacts are not shown in the team anymore and won’t get any notifications from Pocket Lists,
  • № and # symbols can now be used in addition to @ for quick Shop-Script order reference,
  • Pocket-level access rights.
  • A dedicated access right for working with Shop-Script to-do items has been added.
3.0.0 November 24, 2018

It's Pocket Lists again! Over a year ago, we've released the To-dos app with the goal to make it a central connection hub between the entire Webasyst teamwork environment and Pocket Lists for iOS https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pocket-lists-2/id1272049520?mt=8. Following this goal was difficult because of fundamental differences in how To-dos and Pocket Lists apps function in both environments, Webasyst and iOS. The best way to move on faster and to finally connect Webasyst with iOS was to bring the To-dos app to its original format in which Pocket Lists shines at its best — list making. In this update, we've switched the To-dos app for Webasyst app back to its original Pocket Lists format where list making is in the core of the app. This switch allowed to implement many awesome new features:

  1. Better user interface: simple and friendly user interface for making lists of anything: to-dos, ideas, reminders, tasks, notes, etc. We've cleaned up the UI to reflect the look and feel of the original Pocket Lists app for iOS and web (PocketLists.com).
  2. Pockets: added the ability to group lists into pockets (projects) which is very handy when working in teams.
  3. Shop-Script: Pocket Lists is now integrated with Shop-Script and allows you to process orders even better: quickly set reminders linked to Shop-Script orders, assign tasks to sales managers, schedule follow-ups for the future. Pocket Lists will gather all such to-dos in one place and ensure you have your sales under complete control. See details: https://www.webasyst.com/store/app/pocketlists/shop-script/
  4. 400+ awesome icons for to-do lists. Just as in Pocket Lists for iOS!
  5. +2 priority levels: critical and ON FIRE!
  6. Bug fixes: fixed multiple issues and bugs found to date.
2.0.1 April 3, 2017
  • Integrated better and more secure file attachment validation.
  • Applied few minor UI tweaks.
  • Fixed a couple of minor bugs.
2.0.0 February 25, 2017

To-dos is a totally revamped Pocket Lists app for Webasyst. We have redesigned the app user interface and optimized it to perfectly match what a small team would need to easily handle day-to-day tasks and routines. New features include:

  • New personalized My to-dos filter that shows every app user what's up next,
  • Improved to-do list UI with many handy features such as drag-n-drop operations, multiple file attachments, automated URL highlighting, and many more,
  • Comments screen that presents all to-do item discussions in one place,
  • Enhanced by-list access rights setup.

We welcome your feedback and new feature suggestions. Please contact us at hello@pocketlistsapp.com.

1.1.0 February 15, 2016
  • Natural input: set due reminders by typing naturally, e.g. “Meeting tomorrow morning”, “Car service saturday 7pm”, “Prepare christmas gift list on dec 20 every year”, “Cinema friday night” and so on. The app automatically understands due date from your input, and sets a reminder.
  • Attach files to to-do items
  • Favorite to-dos
  • Discuss to-dos
  • Email and print entire to-do lists
  • Sort to-do lists
  • Multiple minor improvements and bug fixes
December 29, 2015
First version released.