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Online photo gallery tool. March 31, 2017
Fixed bug with incorrect saving of photo tags. March 30, 2017
— On single photo viewing page in frontend added pre-loading of other photos in the list.
— Data of photos being pre-loaded are available to JavaScript code of design themes and plugins. March 28, 2017
Minor tweaks and bug fixes. March 22, 2017
  1. OpenGraph meta tags for social media added to single photo page in frontend.
  2. Improved user interface.
  3. Fixed error in “Link / Embed” dialog.
  4. Fixed photo URL generation error in Photostream in frontend.

For developers

  1. Added new PHP hooks for plugins:
    • album_delete
    • album_save
    • backend_photos_toolbar
    • backend_album_settings
    • prepare_photo_frontend
    • photo_rotate
  2. Added JavaScript hook photos_list_chunk_render, which can be used in preparing a photo list portion.
  3. Available array of current album data on single photo page in frontend extended by elements count and frontend_link.
  4. Current photo data array in frontend extended with element prev_photo_url similar to next_photo_url.
  5. Added method photosAlbumCountModel::extendAlbums() for adding custom data to an album array; e.g., in frontend.
  6. Added method photosCollection::addJoin() for adding custom photo collection creation conditions by means of plugins.
  7. Fixed use of prepare_photos_frontend hook in frontend. September 25, 2015
Support for Webasyst TV, overall system improvements, and minor bug fixes. July 28, 2015
— Added widget to display last uploaded photos.
— Added website acceleration option via CDN.
— Design theme "Default 3.0". March 25, 2015
Integrated support for CDN in the Default 2.0 design theme. December 26, 2014
— New album navigation with support for beautiful album covers.
— Integration with Blog app: view and edit images uploaded via Blog app's WYSIWYG editor.
— Full support for Retina displays in Photos app backend.
— Multiple functional and user interface improvements. December 8, 2014
Minor tweaks and bug fixes. November 25, 2014
Compatibility with the latest Webasyst Framework 1.3.0 update:
— general user interface improvements of the app backend,
— Default 2.0 design theme fonts and navigation layout improvements. September 2, 2014
Re-imagined Default 2.0 design theme: new better looks, improved album viewing experience, updated photo stream navigation. Minor bug fixes. April 27, 2014
Fixed few minor bugs in Default 2.0 design theme. April 24, 2014
  • Brand-new basic design theme Default 2.0.
  • @2x: Support for automatic photo thumbnail generation for high density pixel displays, e.g. Retina. Integrated @2x support into all basic design themes. December 25, 2013
Minor tweaks and user interface improvements. September 25, 2013
  • Public gallery plugin which turns Photos app into a public photo gallery where every registered user can upload photos in the frontend and vote for photos uploaded by other users (plugin is installed via the Installer app)
  • API for the Photos app
  • Multiple backend UI improvements
  • Thumbnails: added the ability to customize JPEG compression quality for thumbnail generation routine July 1, 2013
Facebook integration: a dedicated design theme for embedding frontend into Facebook as an iframe app (Facebook theme is available for free installation via Installer) May 30, 2013
Added 3 new design themes: Clear, Sidebar, Nifty October 12, 2012
— Mobile backend version for viewing photos added last and uploading photos directly from an iOS or Android powered device.
— Bug fixes. November 8, 2012
Easier adding of nested albums. October 31, 2012
Fixed infinite looping in the backend photostream navigation when photos are viewed one by one. October 30, 2012
Fixed album moving error. October 23, 2012
Changed application database table structure description format (now stored in file db.php).
Fixed several minor errors.
September 25, 2013
First version released.