Photo hosting on your website

Public and private gallery on your website

Post photos on your website and Webasyst backend. Create photo galleries with unique designs for personal, family, or corporate use. Store photos securely on your personal photo hosting, and share them with friends, colleagues, and family.


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December 27, 2023

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Minimal requirements
  • Version of Framework >=
  • PHP version >=7.2

Save your most important memories

With the Photos app, you can create photo galleries for your website as well as personal galleries for colleagues or family. Easily upload, organize, and publish photos. Share photos on your website or make them accessible only to registered users. Create a cozy space for storing and sharing your memories.
  • Bulk upload

    Drag and drop multiple photos into the browser and upload them in one go. It's convenient and fast.

  • Albums and tags

    Create albums, assign tags, and rate photos from 1 to 5. Sort photos by albums and tags.

  • Private photos

    Share photos that are accessible only to specific users, such as friends and colleagues.

  • Flexible design

    Customize the gallery's appearance using HTML, CSS, and jQuery or with ready-made templates.

  • Reliable and secure

    Perfect for storing and backing up photos online, ensuring safety from unauthorized access and data loss.

  • Ad-free

    Your photo gallery will be clean and ad-free unless you choose to add it yourself.

Play with demo

No signup! Explore the app with no more questions asked. Click, tap, feel free to do anything with the content you see.

Your personal photo gallery

Publish photos together with your teammates and adjust access rights as needed. It's a convenient solution for those who want to post photos in their personal gallery instead of public services. Once uploaded, photos automatically appear on your website at, where you can customize the design as you wish and easily export them to external resources (forums, blogs, LiveJournal, socials) or simply send links to friends.

Design customization

Make your photo gallery unique with HTML, CSS, and jQuery. You can completely change the appearance of the gallery, adding your own elements and design. If you don't want to set everything up manually, the Webasyst Store offers ready-made design themes. Just choose and install your favorite theme, and your gallery will instantly look beautiful and professional.

Organization and tags

Create albums and assign tags and ratings to your photos. For example, you can create an album "Paris 2023" with vacation photos and tag each picture with "Seine", "Louvre", "Family". This helps you easily find the photos you need and keep everything organized.
Webasyst Cloud License / Own server

License is for the entire company with no limits on the number of users. Host the app on your own server or in the Webasyst cloud on any custom pricing plan.

Webasyst Cloud

30 days free

In the cloud, the Ultimate plan offers all major apps included and pre-installed, including the Photos app.

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