Storage and publication documentation on your site


The application "Documentation" is intended for storing libraries of documents, books, articles, drawings, instructions on your site, as well as publishing these documents for visitors to your site and for your employees who have access to Backend.


The application can be used both independently and in conjunction with any other Webasyst application through a helper.

Allows you to store both technical documentation for your goods and services, as well as instructions for goods in your store.


The application "Documentation", allows you to create an unlimited number of libraries, and categories within each library. An unlimited number of documents with the basic attributes Name , Description can be loaded into each category, after which you can work with documents in three ways:

  1. Enter the document page by page.

  3. Attach to the document an unlimited number of files from the documentation in any format from office and pictures to 3DMAX and AutoCAD.

  5. Use the application as a file directory. When a visitor clicks on a document and downloads a file attached to this document (all searches and annotations continue to work on the document).

  7. Combine all the options.

Access levels are set for each library, so the application can be used to provide documentation not only to customers, but also to employees of the organization.


  • Smart full-text document search.

  • Flexible work with METAtags, each library, category, document, page of a document has its own set of METAtags that are applied "in cascade" (that is, if the current node does not have META tags, they are taken from the parent node).

  • A special field for searching inside a document. If your document consists only of attached files, then you can "text extract" these files into a special field so that the document appears in the search results.

You can familiarize yourself with the application’s demo on the website

Immediate plans to finalize the application

  • The ability to sell your content through the application (bookstore).

  • For questions and suggestions, please contact