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August 6, 2021

latest release
version 1.5.0

Minimal requirements
  • Version of Framework >=

Easy addition of pages (login, registration, basket).
Now you can add images to menu items.

Want to create your own menu for the site? Now you do not need to hire a programmer, because we have created a "Menu"application for you. By purchasing it, you do not have to pay specialists. A couple of mouse clicks-and the menu is ready.

Why should you purchase our app? It will help to create and set up a wide variety of menus to be placed in the frontend of your site. For the programmer to create a menu is not a problem, but the average user may face a number of difficulties, and we take this factor into account.

Using our "Menu" is very simple. The developer is always ready to explain incomprehensible moments. You can always count on our help. Periodically updates come out, because we closely monitor the needs of our customers.

The menu is displayed in the frontend in two designs:



Then you can read the instructions for creating the menu:

1. Create a menu. The menu name is used for further editing convenience. Each menu you create will be assigned a sequence number that will be used in the Assembly.

2. The following code defines an array of menu items. Note that the menu sequence number must be used instead of the id.

{$menus = $wa->menus - >getMyMenuForeach(id)}

{foreach $menus as $m}



Menu output to the frontend is also carried out by the design:

{wa_print_tree tree=$wa->menus - >getMyMenu(id) .......} write the menu number instead of id. Learn more about wa_print_tree .

3. Create menu items. Their names will be displayed on the site, and my links are used either to create a separate link or to "anchor".

4. Make sorting of menu items (order, nesting) by drag and drop.

Buy our app now, don't miss out on this great opportunity! As time passes, you realize that price more than pays for the utility of the Menu app.

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License is for the entire company with no limits on the number of users. Host the app on your own server or in the Webasyst cloud on any custom pricing plan.

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