Android app

Android app

Android app without programming

Android app without programming

Only for sites that have a certificate and open over HTTPS!

This app will allow you to easily create an android app for your store

Be on top:

Raise the status of your website, blog, online store by creating an Android app

Create yourself:

the application does not require you to know programming

all you need to get Ari token (free).

once created you can place a direct download link on your website or place the app on Google Play

developer account additional charge 25$


detailed step-by-step instructions

if something does not work you can always ask a question in support

do not want to waste time, we will do everything for you (paid separately)

Advantages of creating an application from a showcase


there is no need to spend a lot of money on developing a native application

Time constraints:

don't have to wait a few weeks, and sometimes months to develop


the minimum size of the archive

according to statistics users are more likely to download applications that have a small size


no integration is required (products, contacts, etc)

everything that is on the site is in the Android app

all new products are immediately displayed in the app in real time

all orders instantly fall into the admin part of the site


if something goes wrong you don't need to release a new version

no need to wait for moderation in Google Play

your users will not have to update

all changes on the site are displayed in the app

Push notifications:

send push notifications that the client will not miss

this is much more effective than e-mail mailing

you will need to get an API token (free)

You choose how the app should look.

You can leave the same as the mobile version of the site looks like, or you can create a subdomain and upload a completely different design theme.

Example of a ready-made application with a subdomain and a separate design.