Creating maps.

The "Maps" application allows you to create an unlimited number of cards with unlimited marking on them.

You can create a map with the addresses of goods delivery points and place it in your store or create a whole cartographic atlas by placing labels of shops, restaurants, cinemas, etc. on it.

Each created map is configured separately.

  • Name
  • Starting point of the map
  • Map height in pixels
  • Initial zoom
  • Allow layer selection (4 layers are available - base, monochrome, topographic and satellite)

Adding labels.

Each label has

  • Icon
  • Header
  • Description
  • Picture
  • Link (url)
  • Address
  • Positioning

You can place your card in the right place using the short code,

{if}{$wa->map->getMap(n)}{/if} by replacing n with the card number.