1. Routing and Application Settlement (if required)

In the top menu choose Site and go to section Structure. Click New rule link.


There is form will be shown to the right from left menu. Select "Locksight" from drop-down list. Set address of app settlement in next text field. For example type "locksight".

Fill in the remaining fields as follows:


Click Save button. Example of completed rule you can see bellow.


2. Locksight presets

Go to Locksight app. Set "Website is close" checkbox to "Yes". If you need you can change text message for visitors. Click Save button.


You can change landing page template also. Click "Show template" and you'll see html. If you'll change it don't forget Smart variable for your message — {$content}

Within a minute Locksight app icon will be change (pause in updating the icon associated with the limitations of the system Webasyst).


3. Adding Locksight Helper in Templates

And the last step is adding app's helper code to your template. Go to Site app, select Design and choose index.html from the file list. You need to add next string at the top:

{if $wa->locksight} {$wa->locksight->set()} {/if}


And thats all. Now if you'll open your website from another computer or another browser you will see landing page.


To open your website go to Locksight app, set "Website is close" switcher to "No" and click Save button.