1. Routing and Application Settlement (if required)

In the top menu choose Site and go to section Structure. Click New rule link.


There is form will be shown to the right from left menu. Select "Locksight+" from drop-down list. Set address of app settlement in next text field. For example type "lock".

Fill in the remaining fields as follows:


Click Save button. Example of completed rule you can see bellow.


2. Locksight+ presets

Go to Locksight app. Set "Website is close" checkbox to "Yes". If you need you can change text message for visitors. Click Save button.


Within a minute Locksight+ app icon will be change (pause in updating the icon associated with the limitations of the system Webasyst).


3. Adding Locksight+ Helper in Templates

For each Webasyst app you need to change template. Go to edit template section of the app and add the code below to first line of index.html:

{if $wa->lock} {$wa->lock->set()} {/if}

Make sure that you do it for all index.html files of all apps of your website.


And thats all. Now if you'll open your website from another computer or another browser you will see landing page.


To open your website go to Locksight+ app, set "Website is close" switcher to "No" and click Save button.


Checking for app helper & settlement

When you open the app, starts to work settings checking procedure. Checking results shows at the right column.


Please note, that if you've couple domain names the checking information shows only for selected domain.

If there is "Can't check helper" message on your screen, it mean that your hosting doesn't support some function used while checking procedure. Other functionality of the app works well.