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Is Locksight+ app for Site app only?

Locksight+ works for all apps. Just insert helper of the app into template you use (step 3 of the configuration guide).

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We locked the website. I logged in as administrator, but I can't see the website any way — I see only locking page. Why?

There are couple options:

  1. If your website is in the Webasyst Cloud, make sure that you logged in (not;
  2. If there are few domain names at your Webasyst CMS, make sure that you closed right website.

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Instead of locking page I see message about redirects. What should I do?

Locksight+ settlement should be at the top of the settlements list. Go to Site app — Structure and drag Locksight+ settlement to the top.


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I inserted locksight helper but when I open app I see "Helper is not installed" message. Why?

It can be if there is no main page of your website. Just create it and message will disappear.


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What does "Lock pages" mean?

You can use "Lock pages" function to hide single pages from the users. You don't need to close a whole website any more. Just copy a page url and insert it in the appropriate field on the Locksight+ settings page.