Flexible closing of a site

Locksight+ app for Webasyst it's the brand new version of Locksight app. It contains all functions from the previous version and adds many new functions.

App not only lets you set up locking page on your site, set rights for managers and logging they actions, but now you can set up flexible settings of closing of your site.

Locksight+ functionality:

  • Locking a site
  • Rights for managers
  • Logging manager's actions
  • Templates
  • Plugins
  • Lets search bots to index a closed site
  • White & black ip lists
  • Secret link for access on a locked site
  • Locking target pages
  • Checking for app helper & settlement

Locksight+ allows you to manage the full version of your website while visitors see only the landing page.

After configuration you can close and open your website in 2 clicks.