Unites knowledge base & customer feedback mgmt

Hub will enable you to create an open customer support center on your website, where your customers and your team can participate in various discussions and find answers to their questions.

Hub app is a multi-purpose app for managing your knowledge base, providing customer support, communicating with your customers, and collecting customer feedback — all in one app. The app enables you to create a communication hub where both your colleagues and your customers and help each other.

Hub's advantages

  • Allows your clients to get self-help right on your website any time from any device
  • Reduces the number of email requests
  • Improves customer loyalty
  • Allows you to create an online centralized knowledge base with public and private sections
  • Improves your site's SEO functionality by always-updating content.

How it works

Hub app is similar to a forum software, but is much more powerful because of the ability to gather topics of different nature and functionality in one place:

  1. Articles, guides, and how-tos
  2. Community Questions & Answers
  3. Feedback topics (with voting functionality): ideas, new feature suggestions, bug reports, and feedback of any kind
  4. Forum: general discussions which work similar to a classic forum
  5. Custom: edit topic.custom.html HTML template and create your custom topic types.