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December 27, 2023

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Files app is a secure online file storage for teams. The app allows you to upload and store all your team's files and data in one secure place and to customize who can access and what.

Designed for teams, the app automatically manages access rights when you upload new files. Your teammates will automatically get access to the uploaded file according to the initial access rights setup, so you won't have to bother about sharing settings every time you upload something.

Files app core features:

  • Secure file storage designed for teams
  • User friendly and efficient user interface
  • Flexible by-storage access rights setup
  • Dedicated personal file storages for every Files app user
  • Create custom file filters
  • Mark files with tags and colors
  • Discussions and commenting on files
  • Personalized favorite file lists
  • Send files by email directly from the app
  • Share files and folders within your team or with anyone else by sending direct links to download
  • Data synchronization with remote file storages; e.g., using plugins "Dropbox" and "WebDAV"
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