Easy storing and sharing of your files.

Drive offers you a simple and intuitive user interface. All you need for your daily work is available directly in the app's main screen. To get started, simply add some folders and upload files into them.

Tip: Files can be uploaded individually or in groups, as you prefer.

To share files or folders, simply drag & drop them to folder "Shared Files". To delete files or folders, drag & drop them to the Trash.

Tip: To move several items at a time, first select them using checkboxes.

Important note: To permanently delete files or folders from the Trash, either drag & drop them into Trash again, or use "Empty Trash" option in the "More" menu.
Important note: You cannot permanently delete a file owned by another user; once deleted, it is only moved to the owner's personal Trash.

Tip: You can zoom in images by clicking on the "eye" icon in the list and listen to audio files using the "speaker" icon.

Should you need to embed a link to a shared file in a forum or blog, or to send it to any person, then you can obtain a link to that file by clicking on the "chain" icon to the right of the file's name in the list.

You will always know how many times each of your files has been downloaded, because the file list has a column with downloads counter; the "Reports" screen also displays detailed statistical information.

When you collaborate on some files, the original data will never be lost because Drive stores all versions of each file with the ability to view and restore any previous version.

Link to the history page automatically appears at the right of the file's name in the list if the file has been edited, re-uploaded or re-moved in the same folder.

The app includes text editor for working with plain text documents. Available file formats are "TXT", "DOCX", "DOC", "ODT", "PPTX", "PPT", "XLSX" "RTF", "HTML". After editing all the files will be saved as "HTML".

Also the app includes an audio / video player that allows you to play MPEG-3 audio files with extensions 'MP3', 'OGG', 'OGA', 'M4A' and MPEG-4 video files with extensions 'MP4', 'OGV', 'M4V', 'WEBM'.

Some words about the "Settings" screen.

The "Timeout before downloading a file" option sets, as the name implies, the delay before downloading begins. This maybe useful either for displaying ad banners or to reduce the server load. When this option is set to zero, advertising is not shown to visitors.

Ad banners content. These fields are for webmasters who want to earn money by showing ads. You may publish any content there (e.g., video, Flash, text, images, etc.). CSS styles of the download page can also be adjusted to your taste.

* Default folders "My Files", "Shared Files", and "Trash" cannot be moved or renamed.
* "Settings" and "Reports" screens are accessible only for the account's administrator.
* Some server-side limits may restrict file uploading. To find out the maximum allowed size of uploaded files, open the "Settings" screen, which also displays the available memory size that can affect generation of image thumbnails and their zooming. You can increase these limits either in your web server's php.ini file or in .htaccess file located in Webasyst root directory.