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December 10, 2019

latest release
version 1.3.4

The application allows you to edit design themes in a convenient form.

Now you do not need to open several applications in different tabs and search for the desired file of the parent theme, all the themes are collected in one place.

The same application helps to find the difference in the design theme and its copy, which is very convenient after updating the themes. Application Benefits

Complete Toolkit

  • All design themes of all applications in one place
  • Quickly switch between application themes
  • Edit theme.xml
  • Create backups and restore in one click
  • To save space, there is a limit of 5 backups for each topic
  • When creating the sixth, the first backup is overwritten
Editor Appearance
  • 45 color schemes
  • pair tag highlighting
  • highlighting of extra closing tags
  • CTRL + S search (if there is a selected object, it will automatically fall into the input field)
  • go to line by Alt-G number
  • collapsed blocks for easy viewing
Webasyst Cloud License / Own server

License is for the entire company with no limits on the number of users. Host the app on your own server or in the Webasyst cloud on any custom pricing plan.

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