March 4, 2019
  • Custom order actions made available for selection in Shop-Script integration settings.
  • Default locale selection for new contacts to be created via set up sources—forms, email boxes, messengers.
  • Option to specify the responsible user when adding a new deal.
  • Specifying a customer's email address made optional when creating a deal.
  • Fixed tax calculation error in invoices. April 4, 2018
Minor bug fixes. April 2, 2018
Minor bug fixes. March 20, 2018
Minor bug fixes. March 13, 2018
  • Integration with IP telephony services:
    • outgoing calls to customers from within CRM,
    • call redirection,
    • new plugins: Mango Office, Yandex Telephony, Gravitel, Sipuni, Zadarma, Zebra Telecom.
  • New source type “Messengers”. Adding sources of this new type requires installation of plugins.
  • Plugins for adding “Messengers” type sources: Telegram, VK.
  • Creation of new deals from incoming messages in source settings made optional.
  • Support for IMAP protocol to connect email sources. Installation of a free plugin is required.
  • Optional time limit for deals to be allowed to remain in a funnel stage. If a deal remains in a time-limited stage above specified limit then a notification set up for this event is sent.
  • New events for sending notifications: new deal creation, moving of a deal to another funnel, winning of a deal, loss of a deal, reopening of a deal, remaining of a deal above specified time limit in a funnel stage.
  • Blocking of incoming messages from selected contacts. Banning of a contact in CRM results in full ignoring of his messages sent via any types of sources.
  • Filtering of deals by various characteristics: unread messages, overdue reminders, etc.
  • Adding tags to deals. December 4, 2017
Minor bug fixes. December 1, 2017
Minor bug fixes. November 30, 2017
  • Adjustable two-way synchronization of funnel stages with order states in Shop-Script.
  • Synchronization of currency exchange rates with those set up in Shop-Script.
  • Extended email message management functions: new “Messages” screen, adding of extra recipients when replying to a message, message forwarding, marking of unread messages, popup notification on new incoming mail.
  • New report for paid invoices.
  • New report for won deals in all funnels.
  • Viewing of a list of deals from all funnels, only in table view mode.
  • Setup of custom fields for deal-adding and editing pages.
  • Receipt of deal requests via web forms from existing customers. October 11, 2017

Shop-Script integration

  • Execution of order actions “Mark as completed” and ‘Delete” automatically closes a related deal with the corresponding status.
  • Automatic filling of invoices with ordered products if the invoice deal was created from a Shop-Script order.
  • Live search of products from online store catalog when editing invoice items.
  • Option to link a Shop-Script order with a existing deal in CRM.


Option to change the sender and the recipient selection in the notification settings or to enter custom sender and recipient email addresses.


  • Option to edit default invoice templates and to add custom templates.
  • New invoice field to enter invoice expiration date. After the specified date, an invoice is automatically archived and is no longer accessible to a client.


  • Personally configurable email notifications on tasks scheduled only for today or for today and tomorrow.
  • Personally configurable email notifications on tasks with approaching deadline.
  • Displaying of the creation date and time for each reminder.


  • Option to assign a responsible user for a selected contact.
  • Option to set up automatic assignment of the current user as responsible for new contacts added by that user.
  • Option to execute group actions on contacts in large photos view mode like in table view mode.


  • Option to execute group actions on deals in canban view mode like in table view mode.
  • Option to set up personal signature for messages sent to a client on deal-viewing page.

Phone calls

Option to play registered phone calls directly in browser without having to download audio files to user’s computer. September 14, 2017
Minor bug fixes. September 11, 2017
Minor bug fixes. September 4, 2017
Minor bug fixes. August 31, 2017
Minor bug fixes. August 31, 2017
First stable release. August 1, 2017
Bug fixes, including a problem after installation.
July 28, 2017
First version released.