2.8.4 February 17, 2024
Fixed few minor UI issues.
2.8.3 February 5, 2024

Released the Webasyst Cash Flow mobile app for Android!
Download free on Google Play:

Fixed few minor issues in the main app web UI.

iOS mobile app is coming in just few weeks.

2.8.2 January 23, 2024
Optimized the basic UI app flow. Added the ability to drag-n-drop transactions in the calendar grid. Fixed issues related to InnoDB / MyISAM database transactions.
2.8.1 December 12, 2023
Fixed an issue of launching the app with international locale settings.
2.8.0 November 8, 2023

Added a bunch of new handy features based on your feedback:

  • Cash flow calendar. Integrated an all-new calendar view for all completed and planned transactions.
  • Updated UI. Improved the app core navigation. Added new compact view mode for the list of upcoming transactions. Merged "History" & "Up Next" screens to a unified transaction list view.
  • Improved integration with Shop-Script. Added the ability to link existing transactions with orders. Simplified the way to see all transactions by an order and a customer. Improved the looks of the Shop-Script embedded widget.
  • Slightly improved cash flow reports and Shop-Script integration UIs.
  • Fixed few minor bugs and issues found to date.

Getting ready for the launch of the Webasyst Cash Flow Android app!

2.7.3 March 22, 2023
Optimized the app to stay up to date with the latest Webasyst 2.8.0 UI improvements and the upcoming release of Shop-Script X. Fixed few minor bugs as well.
2.7.2 October 2, 2022
ABC client analysis report: fixed a crashing issue related to broken contact links (contact forced deletion).
Fixed few minor UI issues in the Reports section.
2.7.0 April 27, 2022

All-new financial reports and analytics:

  • Cash flow: upgraded the classic by-month cash flow table UI making it easier to read and track business finances over time.
  • Sankey: cash flow visualized to the max! Know where the money comes from and goes to.
  • Stream: shows business highs and lows over time. Especially useful in a macro scale, i.e. 3+ years time frame.
  • Categories: all incomes and expenses on a pie and in dynamic. Similar to the classic cash flow table, but so much better visually.
  • Clients ABC: get to know which clients bring most and least profits to your business.

We are excited to offer these new amazing reports to all Webasyst Cash Flow users for free! Install the update and start using them straight away. And if you are just passing by, here is a demo: https://demo.webasyst.com/webasyst/cash/report/dds/

2.6.2 April 5, 2022
Improved the new Balance Flow widget display on Webasyst TV. Fixed few minor bugs.
2.6.1 March 30, 2022
Fixed a minor bug in the contact search API.
2.6.0 March 29, 2022
Added a bunch of new handy features:
  • Contacts. It has been possible to attach transactions to contacts (clients, teammates, suppliers, etc.) since the very first release of the Cash Flow app, but viewing such transactions by contractor was possible only via the CRM app (sold separately). From now on, the list of all latest contacts & their transactions is available right in the main Cash Flow app UI next to the category list on the sidebar.
  • New transaction setting “Auto delete when due”. Super handy for 'forecasted' transactions which should be later replaced by real transactions imported in bulk from bank APIs or spreadsheets.
  • Balance Flow widget. Displays current balance and 90 days forecast on your personal Webasyst dashboard or on a Webasyst TV.
  • Hide chart plugin. If you don't like seeing the main cash flow dynamic chart, simply hide it with just a click using this plugin.
  • Improved transaction search feature. By-contact and by-category quick filtering is available under the main search field from now on.
  • Bug fixes and minor tweaks. Just as usual.
2.5.2 February 24, 2022
Improved data validation for transactions linked with Shop-Script orders.
2.5.1 February 24, 2022
Fixed an API token issue and compatibility with outdated Webasyst framework versions.
2.5.0 February 23, 2022

A bunch of handy new features:

  • Trash. A dedicated screen for viewing, restoring, and purging deleted transactions. Available to the app admin only.
  • Shop-Script widget! Improved the integration with Shop-Script. Each order in Shop-Script will now display a tiny widget with its financial summary — total income, expense, and delta (profit!). All linked transactions can be quickly viewed and edited where needed.
  • Account and payment type setup. Prior to this update, all transactions linked with Shop-Script sales, were saved to a single pre-configured account in the Cash Flow app. From now on, the account can be configured to depend on the order payment type.
  • Lots of minor UI tweaks and fixes.
2.4.0 December 23, 2021
A big bundle of improvements for better day-to-day operations: subcategories, icons for categories, new default 'Transactions' screen replacing the 'History' screen, and lots of minor UI tweaks and fixes.