Forecasts business cash flow & saves your money

Know how much money you'll have on your account tomorrow, in a week, in a month, and a year.

No cash gaps anymore because app warns you in advance. Just enter all basic past and planned transactions then the Cash Flow app will show you what account balance will be in the future.

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Cash Flow for Webasyst — a convenient way of planning for your business budget to track income, expenses, and cash gaps. So you stay in control and achieve your future financial goals.

  • Simple as a bank statement! If you've ever seen the list of transactions in your online bank, you will easily understand how Cash Flow works. No training is required.
  • One-time and recurring records. Cash Flow allows you to instantly add new records of your company's income and expenses, both: one-time and recurring (for example, "office rent" every month).

    That's the main advantage compared to Excel — regular payments easy to update altogether and separately one by one, without affecting other recurrences. For example, change the amount or date for only one selected operation from a spate.
  • Accurate forecast of income, expenses and balance. Automatic cash flow forecast based on entered data helps you to manage your finances by identifying potential waste of money and promising avenues.
  • Create a business-plan in 5 minutes.​ The Cash Flow app forecast will be useful when you are developing a new project. Build a business plan after entering the planned income and expense transactions - and you're done. The app builds a balance chart automatically.
  • Visual cash flow report.​ Consolidated annual chart that clearly shows you the profit of your business, your income, and outcome. Separately by record or account.
  • Shop-Script connection.​ Cash Flow automatically downloads all data from Shop-Script and creates new records based on them: income(sales) and expenses (purchasing and supply, shipping, refund, taxes, etc.).
  • Import from Excel (CSV).​ Fast and easily customizable import of operations from Excel lets you add all of your data quikly, exported from your bookkeeping system (accounting software).
  • Connection with contractors.​ Each recording can be specified with contact (client, partner, supplier, employee - anyone), to see the full list of transactions and statistics in Webasyst CRM.
  • Customize rights and permissions. "Assistant" and "Accountant" attributes allow employees to see only their operations, but not to see the overall balance. An additional restriction of access by the object of operations will also allow hiding especially sensitive and secret data, for example, data of employee’s salaries.
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November 8, 2023

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