Forecasts business cash flow & saves your money

Know how much money will be on the account in a month, six months or in a year. Predict the financial future of your business. Avoid cash gaps. Earn more - with the Cash Flow app.

No more cash gaps

Because you will be aware of your future balance in advance. Just add completed and planned transactions and the Cash Flow app will calculate when and how much money will be in your account.

Cash Flow shows when the next cash gap will occur and when it finally ends.


  • Accurate forecast

    The cash flow forecast is based solely on the data you’ve entered: completed and planned transactions.

  • Cash flow statement

    Know everything about the company’s cash flow. The annual summary chart by categories of transactions or accounts visually shows all the incomes and expenses.

  • Accounts, currencies, categories

    A convenient division of accounts allows you to track finances of different projects independently in several currencies.

  • Repeating transactions

    Compared to accounting in Excel — in the Cash Flow app it is easy to edit repeating transactions all at once, or separately for each transaction, without affecting other connected repetitions.

  • Reminders

    Separately mark important transactions that shouldn’t be missed. You’ll get a reminder when the time comes.

  • Working with the whole team

    Add employees and set up access rights to categories and accounts. You can restrict access so that the user won’t be able to see the final balance in the account.

  • Import from Shop-Script

    Cash Flow automatically downloads sales data from Shop-Script and creates income and expense records based upon it.

  • Connection with contractor

    Each transaction can be associated with a contact (customer, partner, supplier, employee — anyone) so that you can see the complete list of transactions and statistics in Webasyst CRM.

  • Import from Excel (CSV)

    With the quick import of transactions from Excel, you can quickly fill the app with data from your accounting software.

Make the best business decisions with Cash Flow

Do you know if you can hire a new employee or take a loan? Before making a decision, see the impact on the balance simply by looking at the chart. Be confident in your actions and know exactly how business decisions will affect your money in the future.

Build-up business plans in 5 minutes

Calculating any new project in the Cash Flow is simple! Create a new account, add planned income and expense transactions, and you’re done. The app shows the balance chart automatically, and you can immediately estimate what income should be to cover all future costs.

Friends with Shop-Script!

Cash Flow automatically downloads sales data from Shop-Script and creates records of income (sales) and expenses (purchase, shipping, taxes, returns) based upon them.

Mobile apps (coming soon)

Coming soon - Webasyst mobile apps for iOS and Android for easy financial management, wherever you are. Already, the web interface of the app works perfectly on any device — computer, tablet or phone. But with the release of mobile apps, the interface will become even more convenient.

Why do I need it if there is bookkeeping?

Cash Flow isn’t for bookkeeping, but for management accounting. For entrepreneurs and executives. To make decisions and understand where the business is heading. It isn’t a replacement for online bookkeeping, but a separate standalone tool.

Why do I need it if there is online banking?

Data on what and how much you spent money on in the past is certainly useful. But for an entrepreneur, it is more important to know what will happen to the money in a month, in a year, or two so you understand what will happen if you hire a new employee or move to a new office. A bank statement can’t tell you anything about the consequences of such decisions on its own.

Online Banking shows the past, and Cash Flow shows the future..

In the cloud Own server

License is for the entire company with no limits on the number of users. Host the app on your own server or in the Webasyst cloud on any custom pricing plan.

Webasyst Cloud

Cash Flow pricing plan

Access for up to 5 teammates with the Cash Flow app pre-installed. No license purchase is required.

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October 2, 2022

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