App Сalendar of events

"Event calendar" is a great solution for people who value their time. We will help you to keep a log, create and manage events, mark dates, etc.

The application displays on a separate page calendar with marks and has many advantages that distinguish it from similar proposals. The calendar has a stylish and memorable design that you can customize. It is designed for wide consumption, that is, suitable for the site of any subject. For example, sites of restaurants, public institutions and large enterprises. Information and entertainment resources also can not do without this indispensable application. Your customers or employees will see all important dates: open date, meeting day, or scheduled appointment.

The calendar is very easy to use. And if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask the developer, he is always ready to help. Updates also do not take long.

Features of " event Calendar»:

View the dates by clicking

Unlimited number of events for different dates and for one

The functionality of the application:

Add / Remove events (event date, Title, event Color, event Text).

Description of the event via wysiwyg editor

Themes "Default 3.0", "Default 2.0", "Clear", "Custom", "Sidebar", "Nyfty", "Mobile", "Vk" and "Facebook" are fully supported.

The functionality of the theme:

Body color

The color of the header + footer

The color of the calendar

Calendar date color

The color of the current date calendar

The color of the mark events

The title text

The color of the header

With the help of our application, your visitors will be aware of all relevant events. Buy it today and find the right assistant!