1.4.1 February 25, 2018
Minor bug fixes.
1.4.0 June 9, 2017
New features:
  • Now you can set a countdown to the end of day in one click.
  • Fixed an issue when "move from the top" animation doesn't worked properly.
1.3.5 January 23, 2017
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where text align can not be changed in popup windows;
  • Fixed an issue where auto activating of announcements doesn't work if announce was a member of a group;
  • Fixed an issue where the Waiting activation list contains incorrect members;
  • Quick start/stop links added to the app main screen.
1.3.3 November 30, 2016
  • Fixed an issue where colour of links could be changed in some themes.
1.3.2 November 16, 2016
1.3.1 September 28, 2016
New features:
  • Now you can add number of page which user should open before an announcement will be shown;
  • Now you can set delay in seconds before showing of popup window;
  • Preview mode is added;
  • You can turn on the active announce counter near app icon;
  • New popups layout;
  • Add couple popup effects;
  • Now you can manually set a padding for image for a top announce.
  • New algorithm of announcements bringing higher level of theme capability;
  • Countdown label now gets from locale file;
  • Fixed bug which bring wrong countdown width;
  • Helper codes shows in new format;
  • Other bugfixes.
1.2.0 May 13, 2016
For more compatibility now you can turn off insert of the jQuery library.

You asked us to add buttons to quick starting and pausing of the announcements directly from the announcement list, and we did it.

Fixed bug which do not lets you to make content padding less than 10px.

Fixed bug which shows redactor in english when you're in russian user interface.

Thanks a lot for your reviews and wishes! We're hard working on new functionality and we'll try to make them asap.
1.1.1 February 19, 2016
Bug fix: group creation error.
1.1.0 February 9, 2016
• Groups;
• Smarty code support;
• Countdown script update;
• "Auto announce!" plugin support;
• Parameter "Close button position";
• English localization.
November 30, 2015
First version released.