Cyber Monday 2019

  1. This special offer is valid from 00:00 GMT on December 2, 2019 through 08:59 on December 3, 2019.
  2. Discount rate available for the purchase of software products participating in the special offer is 40%.
  3. The special offer applies only to apps, plugins, widgets, and design themes developed by Webasyst and Webasyst partners, and published in Webasyst Store on website.
  4. A developer individually decides on the participation of each product in the special offer. If no discount is displayed for a product in Webasyst Store during this special offer’s period then this special offer’s terms are not applied to the product.
  5. The discount provided during this special offer will not be summed with any other discounts available to a customer. During checkout, the maximum available discount will be applied automatically, including a discount provided by a promo code.