End User License Agreement

  1. Webasyst software products (hereinafter referred to as Products) are the source code of programs, in digital or printed form, including digital or printed documentation, and this software purchase agreement (hereinafter referred to as Agreement).
  2. By purchasing paid Products or installing free Products, User warrants that he/she has read this Agreement, accepts its provisions, and acknowledges his/her willingness to use the Products as specified in the Agreement.
  3. The Agreement comes into force the moment User receives the Products via electronic data transfer channels.
  4. All copyright for the Products is reserved by the Author. Products, in full or in part, are copyright objects, protected by U.S. and international laws. Breach of the Agreement's provisions results in copyright law violation and will be prosecuted under the legislation in force.
  5. The Products are supplied on the "AS IS" basis. Author does not guarantee any level of performance, selling ability, data safety, or other expressly or implicitly related factors. Author is not liable for any damage, real or possible, to User, User's data, or business, which may result from the use or inability to use the Products.
  6. Under this Agreement, User has the right to install and run one copy of paid Products within one installed copy of Webasyst framework. The same copy of paid Products may be used on an unlimited number of domains and subdomains linked to a registered installed copy of Webasyst framework. For each additional main (registered) domain name, including that used within the existing installed copy of the Products, an additional license must be purchased for each paid Product. Any kind of distribution of paid Products, including non-commercial, without prior permission expressed by the Author or providing paid Products for use by any third party under the conditions of lease or sublease is a breach of this Agreement, making User liable for prosecution under law. An extra installation of paid Products is allowed ONLY for testing or source code modification purposes, under the condition that this extra installation is unavailable to any third party.
  7. Free Products may be installed on any number of web servers without limitations.
  8. User may modify the source code of the Products at his/her discretion; further use of modified Products is governed by this Agreement. Modifications do not result in any change of the copyright provisions given above. Any modification of the source code by the User voids Author’s liability for the modified Product's operational capability.
  9. Author is not liable if any criminal or administrative proceedings are instituted against User due to the use of Products in any illegal context.
  10. This Agreement is considered terminated when User deletes all files and documentation (as well as their copies) received from the Author. Termination of the Agreement does not bind Author to refund User payment made for the Products.