Success Formula

Progressive, easy to setup theme, сustomers say!

Success Formula – is universal responsive flat theme for Webasyst apps:
Site, Shop-script 5+6, Blog, Photos, and Hub!

It can be useful to sell everything!
For example gadgets, photo technic, home appliances, clothing, jewelry, sporting goods, building goods, auto products!

Firstly, it is beautifully displayed on any device: smartphone, tablet or laptop!
Secondly, it is universally customizable theme for any needs!
You can easily to change the look of your site directly from the theme settings without knowledge the HTML code!

  • Light flat scheme;
  • Dark flat scheme;
  • More – in future!

For navigation elements:
  • Top menu;
  • Top panel with search form and login links;
  • Sidebar menu;
  • For each element you can set color scheme separately!
  • Also you can set background and text colors for footer!
  • And set color for common links and loader bar.
  • You can choose fluid layout or boxing model (like in demo),
    and choose for background the one of 27 (!) images, or upload your own directly in settings page!
  • You can enable fix background.
  • And you can adjust the transparency of the background to give more personality to your website!
TOP MENU HAS 5 modes
  • Only installed apps;
  • Only products categories;
  • Drop-down menu: Apps menu + products categories;
  • Mega-menu: Apps menu + products categories (like in demo);
  • By default menu is "stick" when scrolling site (you can disable it).
  • You do not need the top menu?
    Turn it off right into the theme settings (and the apps menu can be displayed in the sidebar)!
  • Appears to the left or right;
  • Sidebar can be turned off only on the home page!
  • Sidebar can be turned off on all product pages or several independent product pages
  • If the sidebar is not needed, it can be completely turn off.
    Product filters in this case will be displayed above the content!
  • In the Hub app the sidebar contains a lot service blocks, so there is no option to hide the sidebar (adjustable only position left or right).
  • The sidebar's structure has a block architecture, so you can easily to change the location of the blocks in the sidebar for each application separately.
LOGO with WOW-effect!
  • Logo's shadow responds to the position of the cursor and responds to every movement!
  • Two Wow-logos (in the header and footer of the site) has independent of each other settings:
    font size, and colors of font and shadow!
  • If you have your own logo, you can also upload it in the theme settings and it will be displayed instead of text logo!
  • On the home storefront you can display products slider or slider with photos from the Photos app.
    You can include into slider a countdown timer for promos!
  • You can insert in different categories different sliders with photos from the Photos app!
    This can be done easily and without knowledge of HTML code!
  • Supporting new function of Shop-script 6 – promo cards
  • You can display the subcategories picture and it does not need a plug-in!
  • You can set the product images sizes in theme settings;
  • Storefront has three modes of display products lists:
    in row, compact view, or both on choose of visitor.
  • In compact view there is special setting!
    Show 3 cols (like in demo), or 4 cols.
  • As well visitor can choose how many products can be displayed on the page.
    By default - all products as needed (lazy loading).
  • To speed up the download site pictures of products loaded as needed, rather than all at once!
  • You can choose hover-effect:
    show short description, show product's last photo (if exist),
    or both effects (like in demo)!
  • Additional custom lists of products (favorites and viewed)!
  • Animation of icons while add an item to cart and custom lists!
  • Two modes of product's images gallery:
    Slider and mosaic.
    In the mosaic mode you can enable a lovely magnifying glass!
  • Product Reviews reloaded without reloading the page!
  • Block "BUY" sticks while scrolling and remains forever in the sight of the buyer!
    You can disable for all goods and for individual product directly in the editor.
  • On the cart page each order line is highlighted;
  • 4 steps checkout performed quickly and without reloading the page,
    so there is no need to purchase plug-ins, accelerating order processing!
  • Pay attention to mini banners slider upper right of logo,
    with which you can leave the mini-messages to your visitors!
  • You can insert different sliders with photos from the Photos app into different pages of Site app,
    and into different product categories of Shop-script app!
    And it does not need to edit the code!
  • Countdown timer script is included in the theme and has already been installed!
    You just need to set the date, write a message and tick option in settings page!
  • In the setting of the theme you will find a link to download archive with 117 high resolution images (1920px) for use in the slider and/or as a background for the site!
    As well links to download files with the payment logos and delivery services!
  • You will have two tons of icons!
    From Fontawesome and from
  • Instructions is built right into the theme settings page!