Responsive template for website and blog

1.4.0 February 25, 2019
FIX. Fixed a bug in the "breadcrumbs".
FIX. Fixed display of the top menu in the blog.
1.3.0 February 21, 2019
NEW. Added the new setting "Scale the header image".
FIX. Fixed animation of blocks on the homepage.
FIX. Fixed font-awesome icon settings (for easy working with PRO-accounts).

FIX. Corrected the display of records in the stream.
FIX. Minor changes.
1.1.0 November 30, 2018
FIX. Improving the appearance of the top menu on the mobile version.
FIX. Corrections in the "up" button and in the top menu on mobile devices.

FIX. Bugfix tooltip on the toggle-button of the sidebar
FIX. Removed unnecessary code
November 21, 2018
First version released.