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VK Shop for Shop-Script

Mass exports goods in the commodity group VK

On this tab, you must specify the number VKontakte application, which was received after the creation of your application and a secure key, which can be accessed in the settings of the application and the number of the group Vkontakte. Other settings can be left at the default or change to suit your needs.

As the application must be attached to the group to which the goods will be sent.

About the creation and application settings, you can learn more here .

The group number can be obtained from the link on the band:

Note Template Management tab.

On this tab, we can define the behavior of automatic generator product descriptions. For example, we can add some unique hashtags in the top of the list, or use some other object properties of the goods.

After all the settings, we can add items to the queue and export them in our group.