Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner for Shop-Script

Barcodes for online store and trade point

3.1.2 January 17, 2022
- minor fixes
3.1.1 October 28, 2021
- added GTIN abbreviation when scanning "Honest Sign" to EAN-13 (GTIN in "Honest Sign" is "0" + EAN-13);
- minor fixes
3.1.0 October 27, 2021
- added support for "Honest Sign" barcodes;
- added the ability to specify up to 10 barcodes separated by commas (without a space) in one field;
- added the ability to use not a special plug-in field for entering barcodes, but any characteristic with the "text" type;
- other fixes that were made in February 2021, but were not released as an update
3.0.4 December 10, 2019
- typos correction;
- added clearing of spaces and other whitespace around the barcode
3.0.3 August 26, 2019
- Added plugin operation in the dialog for creating a new transfer;
- Added the ability to display the barcode of goods when viewing and printing the order in the backend.
3.0.2 April 20, 2019
- fixed the problem of adding products in an editable order, which appeared after the release of Shop-Script version 8.4.0
3.0.1 June 24, 2018
- correction of double actuation with manual input of a bar code in a mode without clearing of an input field
June 19, 2018
First version released.