Products generator

Products generator for Shop-Script

The plugin will quickly fill the test site

1.2.4 February 27, 2018
Fixing an error with generating images with pictures
1.2.3 February 22, 2018
PR from kerstvo:
If you specify the number of pictures 0, then products without pictures will be generated.
1.2.2 January 7, 2018
PR from WinterSilence:
The random length of the title and description of the goods.
1.2.1 May 24, 2017
Edit from Pavel Makarov: Fixed the incorrect formation of sku_id for products with multiple characteristics.
1.1.0 November 29, 2016
Edits from Pavel Makarov: Now the plugin is able to generate products with additional features.
1.0.4 September 7, 2016
Improved compatibility with Shop-Script 7
June 2, 2016
First version released.