Easy invoice TWIN

Easy invoice TWIN for Shop-Script

Invoice with great potential for 4 shops

4.61 February 16, 2018
Small update, ATTENTION!!! The update will reset the saved template and styles!!!
4.60 March 5, 2017
Bug fixes with the conclusion of the Safari, at the request of users the standard text editor in the plugin settings
4.59 December 23, 2016
Correction of significant errors in the template
4.58 December 6, 2016
1. The plugin is fully redesigned.
2. Now available 4 forms for 4 stores.
3. If you are satisfied with the old version do not update!
4. Will require a full reset of the template!
5. Will need re-setting!
4.00 May 30, 2016
Fix for Shop-Script 7
3.8 March 3, 2016
The barcode.
changed the amounts, now the currency is displayed according to the currency of the order.
Fixed output of supplementary services
Some of the fixes.
3.5 January 23, 2016
General improvements, fixes and add features
3.3 January 11, 2016
Added the ability to disable the comment of the buyer
3.0.2 December 8, 2015
The critical update.
Fixed switch cabinets.
3.0.1 November 28, 2015
At the request of users added in functionality: the ability to change the size of the order number in the header. include a label with order number, for example for a label on the box for the collector or of the order on the pallet.
October 28, 2015
First version released.