Customer's notes

Customer's notes for Shop-Script

Creates and displays notes about the customer

2.0.2 March 6, 2019
Database fix for those with many orders and plug-in updates did not work.
2.0.1 February 20, 2019
Update for those whose previous update caused errors.
2.0.0 February 18, 2019
  • Rewritten plugin internal code.
  • Redesigned plugin interface.
  • Many bugs fixed.
  • Added the ability to connect to the external customer database
1.0.7 August 12, 2015
Added a button to delete the entry.
Added a button to go to the order.
Added switch to hide the notes.
Redesigned javascript
1.0.6 July 20, 2015
Removed the appearance of a plugin print form.
July 14, 2015
First version released.