Countdown for Shop-Script

Countdown timer to the upcoming event

0.1.4 May 12, 2020
Support for routing rules. Now the plugin can be displayed in any of the "Shop" apps added to the site structure.
0.1.3 November 24, 2017
Fixed critical errors that prevented the plugin work in Shop-Script 6.
0.1.2 August 29, 2017
Fixed minor bugs.
0.1.1 August 24, 2017
- adaptive layout.

- ability to use sets of a products;
- tabs in plugin settings;
- option "Size in percent".

- option "Font size of the counter digits";
- option "Font size of the captions".

After the update, check the box "Reset the default settings" in the plugin settings and click "Save".
Attention this action will remove all settings and profiles of a plugin!
0.1.0 July 3, 2017
This version of the plugin is not compatible with previous versions.
After the update, make "Reset to default settings" in the plugin's settings.

— Multiple storefronts.
— Settings profiles.
— New animations.
— Support for using an arbitrary font family.
— Separator.
— And much more.

— Was removed third party scripts.
0.0.9 January 31, 2017
Were changed CSS classes for fix conflicts with other plugins.
After update, press "Save" button in plugin settings for updating a CSS file.
0.0.8 October 19, 2016
- the generator of design;
- displaying a plugin by using the hooks: frontend_homepage, frontend_category, frontend_product, frontend_cart, frontend_checkout, frontend_footer;
- support Shop-Script: 5, 6;
- new options: "Color of wrapper", "Texture of wrapper", "Border radius for wrapper", "Border radius for timer background".
0.0.7 September 30, 2016
Added two option for manage shadows of a timer.
Added themes.
0.0.6 July 9, 2016
Fixed display of countdown in the English language.
0.0.5 June 21, 2016
Attention! As a result, the update will be removed the current plugin template (if necessary, make a backup copy).
To simplify the work with the plugin, has been enhanced customization settings and removed the template editor.
Please note that modified method of inserting a plugin in a template.
After the upgrade, it is advisable to do a reset settings.

Added in this version:
- countdown URL;
- mobile version;
- new counter from the present to the future;
- leading zeros;
- ability to display text descriptions, at upper part of the countdown;
- use of transparency for the countdown background;
- disabling execution of events after end of time;
- added support of moving all scripts to the footer of the site;
- resetting settings.
0.0.4 June 25, 2015
The ability to use a plugin in other applications (Smarty)
December 30, 2014
First version released.