December 4, 2017
  • Improved “Packing list” printable form. September 19, 2017
— Added support for changing preferred delivery time when editing an order in app backend. March 14, 2017

— New setting to control the address fields to be completed by a client
— Option to request from a client either only preferred delivery date, or only preferred delivery time, or both values during checkout. March 7, 2017
— Bug fixes. March 7, 2017
— Bug fixes. March 6, 2017

— Added request for preferred delivery date and time from a client during checkout (Shop-Script ver. or higher is required).
— Added request for shipping address from a client, if “Contact information” step does not request an address.
— New settings fields “Preferred delivery time” added for the editing of the available list of time intervals, with week days selection, to be offered to clients.
— Bug fixes. October 27, 2016
Added option to specify multiple city names within which orders can be delivered by a courier. October 26, 2016
– Calculation of shipping cost for ordered products with empty weight values or total zero weight. May 6, 2015
Minor tweaks and map support improvements. December 20, 2013
Minor bug-fixes
December 20, 2013
First version released.