Attachments csv

Attachments csv for Attachment app

Bulk upload of attachments.

CSV attachments

This plugin allows you to upload attachments in bulk for the "Website", "Blog", "Photo", "Store"applications.

The upload file must have 4 columns - product ID, name, description, and file link (an example file can be downloaded from the plugin).

Entering information:

product ID - which product, page, or post to upload the attachment to

  • Page ID
  • Page name

for blog posts

  • Post ID
  • Vendor name

for pages in the Blog app

  • Page ID
  • Page name

for photos

  • Photo ID
  • Photo name

for Photos app pages

  • Page ID
  • Page name

for products

  • Product ID
  • product name
  • article
  • article code

for the Store app categories

  • Category ID
  • category name

for Store app pages

  • Page ID
  • page name

for product pages in the Store app

  • Page ID
  • page name

name - for example, "price".

description - for example, "upload price list".

file link-url from which the attachment should be downloaded.