CMS + Enterprise Portal

Webasyst combines all the best features of a CMS and a collaboration platform, and allows you to create rich enterprise environments for both your company and for your clients.

Use Webasyst PHP framework as a foundation and a CMS for your web projects:

  • speed up your development process with the help of a variety of ready-to-use features Webasyst offers,
  • wow your customers by beautiful backend UI which you can easily create using Webasyst,
  • use turnkey apps and plugins which can be installed via Installer app with just a single click.


Webasyst framework offers an easy way to access every app a particular user has access to. This makes Webasyst an excellent environment where every team member has a different role.

Single sign-in

Webasyst framework offers a single login interface for all backend users. Each user can log in with his own login name and password and can work only with those apps, to which he has sufficient access rights. This makes Webasyst an excellent environment for in which every member has a different role.

Beautiful UI

Webasyst framework offers a set of CSS classes for quick backend UI design adapted to every modern web browser. CSS includes classes for tabs, vertical, horizontal and dropdown menus, dialogs, forms, buttons, lists, tables, and many other things usually used when creating backend UIs.

Install updates & new apps in just few clicks

The built-in Installer app allows you to install new apps to your Webasyst directly from the Webasyst Store with just a few clicks. As easy as installing apps on your Android or iOS device.

Easy access rights

Webasyst offers flexible tools for setting up access rights to applications (and related data) for users and user groups. The developer only needs to declare the access rights verification element in his application and then only check its value in the source code. User interface of the access rights setup mechanism is already implemented in the Contacts app.

// Declare access rights element
$this->addItem('my_app_settings', 'Access to my feature', 'checkbox');

// Verify access rights of an authorized user
if ($this->getRights('my_app_settings'))
    //access granted
    //access denied

Create rich sites

  {if $wa->user()->isAuth()}
    Hi {$wa->user('name')}
    <a href="login/">Login</a>

Built-in Site app offers all necessary tools to create websites powered by several independent apps: routing management tools, built-in WYSIWYG + HTML editors for design templates, design theme management routine, page content editor, and many other cool features. A website developer can easily integrate his own app with the Site app and utilize all of its powerful infrastructure. Check out our creating-a-website tutorial.

Lots of ready-to-use tools & APIs

The framework offers a plenty of classes that make the app development process quick and easy, lots of useful public APIs — right out of the box.


Webasyst framework is based on the MVC programming pattern. Its system architecture allows the installed applications to function independently and to have clearly defined interaction interfaces.


Webasyst displays mobile-enabled backend UI for detects the device in which the application is viewed by the backend user (User-Agent value), and if it is a touch screen device powered by iOS or Android OS, then the user will see the special mobile version of Webasyst.


Webasyst PHP Framework is open source. Available under the LGPL license (

Compatible with most hosting providers

System requirements for Webasyst installation are met by most hosting companies; therefore, the framework can be installed on a wide range of web servers. Your own server always means absolute control over your data.

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