Webasyst Cloud

The ultimate hosting for Webasyst and Shop-Script 6.

Cloud uptime for last 7 years 120 days: 99.93%

Webasyst services are hosted on top-notch powerful web servers, designed as a High Availability system with a Load balancer. This means the service is always up and running. If one server box goes down, another one replaces it immediately, without service interruption. We make daily backups of all data stored in Webasyst accounts. Here is uptime data for the last week:

What is the difference comparing to common cloud hosting?

Webasyst Cloud is exclusively optimized for Webasyst and Shop-Script 6. It's a reliable and scalable hosting which offers high uptime and allows you not to worry about traffic spikes. The most crucial difference comparing to common hosting service is that we don't offer FTP in the Webasyst Cloud. This limitation allows us to enhance website security, because FTP is one of the most common way of how websites become vulnerable to viruses. Webasyst apps offer comprehensive set of tools for bulk file upload, which completely replaces the need for FTP.