Webasyst Partner Program Conditions

This agreement (hereinafter referred to as “Agreement”) is a public license agreement on distribution of software products (hereinafter referred to as “Products”), which defines the relationship between Webasyst, LLC (hereinafter referred to as “Webasyst”) acting as the rightsholder and any legal entity or individual acting as a reseller (hereinafter referred to as “Partner”). The subject of this Agreement is the granting of the right to distribute software products (hereinafter referred to as “Partner Program”) created by Webasyst or third-party developers which are available for purchase on website at https://www.webasyst.com/store/ on the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

  1. The Agreement comes into force upon acceptance by Partner of its terms and conditions, completion of the partner questionnaire on Webasyst website, its verification and approval by Webasyst. Webasyst reserves the right to refuse to conclude the Agreement at its discretion without giving reasons.
  2. Upon conclusion of the Agreement, Partner obtains the right to distribute Product licenses to end users (hereinafter referred to as “Users”). Partner also receives a 50% discount for purchases of Products participating in the Partner Program, including first license purchases. Products not participating in Partner Program can be purchased on general terms available to general public. Partner 50% discount will not be summed with temporary special offer discounts which may be offered by Webasyst to attract new clients.
  3. Partner advertises and/or resells Products by any available means including publishing of Products descriptions on his own or on third-party websites, in social media, or in other informational resources.
  4. Partner may resell Products only at the retail prices set by Webasyst. Should payment for distributed Products be received in a currency other than that specified on Webasyst website, their price must be converted according to current official exchange rate.
  5. Partner may provide complimentary paid services to Users including, but not limited to, Products installation, modification, and consultations.
  6. Under the distribution of a Product license is understood the fact of transferring a Product license to a User for payment.
  7. Webasyst provides Partner with online tools for registering (transferring) purchased Product licenses to Users.
  8. Before transferring a Product license, Partner must familiarize a User with “End User License Agreement” published on Webasyst website at https://www.webasyst.com/legal/eula/. Partner must not transfer Product licenses to Users who do not agree with the terms and conditions of the “End User License Agreement”.
  9. License transfer to Users occurs in Partner's personal account in Webasyst Customer Center on Webasyst website. In the license transfer form, Partner must specify the following information about a User:
    1. Email address
    2. First name
    3. Last name
  10. Upon license transfer, a personal account is automatically created for User in Webasyst Customer Center on Webasyst website, for User to be able to download Products' source code and to install software updates.
  11. Webasyst will render to Partner and registered Users free technical support on to Products installation and use in accordance with the “End User License Agreement”.
  12. Webasyst reserves the right to address Users with direct marketing proposals.
  13. Webasyst shall not be held responsible to Partner for any damage or damages which may result from Users' actions towards Partner including, but not limited to, Users' to use Products, refunds (withdrawals) of paid amounts, fraudulent activities, etc.
  14. Webasyst shall not be held responsible to Partner or Users for any damage or damages which may result from the use or inability to use Products, or loss of data, failure to establish connection to the Internet, inability to transfer or receive information, delays, non-delivery, or suspension of services, if they occurred through the fault of Partner or Webasyst.
  15. The rights of the Partner to distribute Products are not exclusive within specified territory, unless otherwise is agreed in writing.
  16. Partner agrees not to advertise Products using methods that may be classified as spam, or in any manner compromising the reputation of Webasyst, including the following:
    • Use of domain names spelling intentionally resembling those of Webasyst websites; e.g., vebasyst.com or webassyst.com.
    • Use of knowingly untrue descriptions discrediting the honor, dignity, and business reputation of Webasyst and its competitors.
    • Use of persuasive advertising by means of pop-ups on websites.
    • Use of doorway pages and other kinds of SEO spam.
  17. Partner may not attract Users using price dumping, which may be regarded as discrediting Webasyst pricing policy.
  18. Partner agrees that inappropriate use of Partner Program including creation of fake partner accounts and applying methods of unfair competition, as well as any User complaints about Partner's activities related to Products, may result in the termination of the Agreement.
  19. Violation by Partner of any clause of the Agreement may result in termination of partnership between Webasyst and Partner.
  20. The Agreement does not apply to Products which do not participate in Partner Program or Products provided by Webasyst under lease in Webasyst Cloud.