New pricing plans in Webasyst Cloud

Great news for Webasyst Cloud users! We are introducing new pricing plans, which will reduce your web hosting costs and will make Webasyst Cloud more attractive than similar services provided by other hosting companies. Now the price of web hosting in Webasyst Cloud begins at only $3/mo!


“Standard” plan: $6.99/mo, 2 GB, up to 2% CPU usage.


Mini Pro Premium
$3/mo. $15/mo. $25/mo. If you need more
Disk space 1 GB 10 GB 20 GB + $0.06/day for each extra GB
CPU kernel load per hour 1% 3% 5% + $0.02/h for each extra percent of CPU load
Free .COM domain when paid for 12 mo. 6 mo. 6 mo. If purchased separately, $14.95/year
Linked domains (sites) 1 5 10 + $1.66/mo. for each extra mapped domain
Link your existing custom domain name $0 $0 $0

Free domain name registration

We will register a new domain name or will extend your existing domain if you pay for 6 months of Cloud hosting (Pro and Premium plans) or for 12 months (Mini plan) in one order.

Extra usage prices

With any plan you have chosen, you may exceed basic resource limitations such as CPU load or disk space, and simply pay additionally for such extra usage. The prices for extra resource usage have remained the same as before (shown in the table above).

For example, your account may be associated with the "Mini" plan and occupy 3 GB disk space instead of 1 GB; in this case your monthly bill will include only $6.60/mo.

Hosted use of Shop-Script 5 now costs less, too!

Another good news is that we have reduced monthly cost of hosted use of Shop-Script 5 from $19.99/mo. to $14.99/mo!

Before these changes, the total cost of hosted use of Shop-Script 5 in Webasyst Cloud was equal to $26.98/mo. ($6.99/mo. for cloud hosting + $19.99/mo. for hosted use of Shop-Script 5). Now the monthly bill for the same service begins at only $17.99/mo.

How do I switch to new plans?

You can choose one of new plans in the Hosting app in your Webasyst account.

If you received 12 months of free Cloud hosting when you ordered a Shop-Script 5 license, then there is one more advantage for you: we have automatically upgraded your Standard plan to Pro, and the expiration date of the prepaid period has remained the same. Instead of 2 GB disk space you have now 10 GB space. When the prepaid hosting period expires, you can either extend your account with the current plan or choose a different plan in the Hosting app.

If you did not receive a Cloud account within the special offer, then your account still operates on the Standard plan (2 GB, $6.99/mo.). You may either keep this plan or choose a different one.

The Standard plan remains valid, but you cannot choose it when you create a new account in Webasyst Cloud.

Free web hosting with Shop-Script 5 license

Special offer "1 year of free hosting for ordering a Shop-Script 5 license" ends on September 30, 2014. You if would like to use this special offer, do not miss this opportunity!

Effective October 1, 2014 you will not be able to create a new account with the Standard pricing plan. We will continue to offer free Cloud hosting for customers ordering Shop-Script 5 licenses. With each license you will be able to receive one of the following options: 6 months for Mini plan, 3 months for Pro and Premium plans.

Why we recommend choosing new pricing plans

Hosting a website in Webasyst Cloud is more attractive than almost anywhere else! Now you may want to choose your own web hosting company only if you would like to control the software installation, if you need to edit files via FTP connection, or if you simply want your online store or website to be hosted on your own server/VPS. Should you need to have a fully functional online store or website, and be able to extend its functionality using plugins available in the Webasyst Store, then it is easier, faster, and more reliable to sign up for an account in Webasyst Cloud.

A complete online store only for $17.99/mo., or for $3/mo. with a purchased permanent Shop-Script 5 license, is one of the best offers available on the market today!