Webasyst services downtime on November 9, 2017

Webasyst Cloud

On November 9, at 06:18 GMT the operation of all Webasyst services was unexpectedly interrupted: Cloud accounts, Customer Center, and our own websites webasyst.com и shop-script.com.

The downtime reason was a network equipment failure in a data center provided by OVH company. We have our servers hosted by OVH, due to their well-known reliability and a professional approach of their staff. Of course, no one is immune from such incidents, and OVH needed only several hours to eliminate a serious power supply failure that had impact on their network equipment.

Webasyst servers were up again around 12:16 GMT on the same day, and all our services are now functioning as usual. The data center failure has had no effect on the integrity of Webasyst users’ data.

This force majeure incident has dropped Webasyst Cloud availability percentage from 99.972% to 99.918%, but this unpleasant fact only gives us additional reason to make our service even more stable and closer to the so-desired “all-nines” rating value.

We are really sorry if your work has suffered because of this downtime. Please send personal requests via Customer Center if you require compensation.

Thank you for staying with Webasyst! We shall keep doing all we can to ensure your comfortable work with Webasyst under any circumstances.