New Webasyst 2023 Cloud pricing plans

With the recent release of Shop-Script X we have added the option to create an online store on your own server by subscription at $29.99 a month instead of purchasing a lifetime license. This change has resulted in the update of Webasyst Cloud pricing plans, which become effective today.

There are two main pricing plan groups: All Webasyst apps and Shop-Script only. The former includes all important Webasyst apps and offers users the main advantages of the platform. In the latter, plan parameters are optimized for the creation of an online store and the use of Shop-Script.

All Webasyst apps

A new plan Essentials has been added, which includes the most demanded business apps: Shop-Script, CRM, Mailer, Teamwork, and Cash Flow. If purchased separately, their subscriptions would cost $84.95 a month. On the Essentials plan, you can get all of these apps at only $35.99 a month, including web-hosting, if you pay for one year in advance. If you already worked with Shop-Script before then Essentials might be the best upgrade option allowing you to use Webasyst as an app platform for solving a wide range of business problems.

Prices of “All Webasyst apps” main plans applicable for one-year payment.

The Big business plan with maximal available Cloud resources has become more affordable with its price cut. We have added a new plan Custom, in which you can build for yourself any desired apps package, with a low web-hosting cost included.

Apps from the Essentials plan are also available as a new separate license offer for your own server with a 35% discount.

Shop-Script only

In the Shop-Script only group, the main plans’ prices correspond to those of Shop-Script’s basic and premium licenses’ subscriptions, i.e. $29.99 and $44.99 a month accordingly. The cost of using Shop-Script in the Cloud and on your own server is now actually the same.

Prices of “Shop-Script only” main plans applicable for one-year payment.

All these new plans are already applied to new Cloud accounts. Previously created accounts have remained with their previous plans, which are now marked as archived. Their owners can switch to new plans at any time in the Cloud app or in the Customer Center.

The prices of several archived plans will also change on July 1, 2023 to match the updated Shop-Script subscription cost and the new plans’ prices.

You can get a more detailed overview of the new Webasyst 2023 pricing plans at