Webasyst 3.0

Webasyst 2.0.0 was released in 2021, and the framework’s subsequent updates until version 2.9.9 were mainly dedicated to infrastructural changes such as the user interface, Webasyst ID authorization, mobile apps, various APIs, app bundles, and the common development in the not-only-online-store direction. Even though we still have a couple of apps left to be re-designed for the Webasyst 2 interface, the general goal of the 2.0 generation to change the form has been achieved.

Today we have uploaded to GitHub a preview update to version Webasyst 3.0.0.

  • New dashboard design. General navigation and the display of announcements have been improved. Quick setting of the user status for a current day and a news stream filter by user groups have been added.
  • Corporate news & team-wide announcements. We have added new functionality for you to post various messages (news) on the dashboard, to be viewed by all or only by selected users. For instance, “Next Tuesday will be a day off for everyone” or “New employee in the main office! A pizza party today at 16:00”, with optional email and SMS notifications to be sent to the selected recipients.
  • Improved design of announcements accessible via a bell icon in the main menu when a user is not on the dashboard.
  • Single-app mode. We have added the option of limiting the Webasyst backend user interface to only one app. In this mode, all other apps, except for a selected single one, as well as the dashboard and the main navigation menu are completely disabled and hidden, and only one app remains available to a user. This mode can be enabled either in the Team app in a certain user’s access settings, or for the entire backend.
  • Numerous improvements and optimizations have been made throughout the framework.

This update will be available in your Installer in a few days UPD: The update is here and is free for all Webasyst users!

In the Webasyst 3.0 release, we have concentrated on applied functionality, and most upcoming updates to Shop-Script and other apps will follow this trend. We are now working on adding useful content including, for instance, such Shop-Script app features as product stock control, multi-user order management and auto-assignment of orders, simplified creation of new online stores, and more.