Webasyst 2016: Summary of the year and plans for 2017

Dear friends, we wish you happy New Year!

In 2016 Webasyst platform and its entire software ecosystem have shown stable and steady growth! We have done great work and have fulfilled virtually everything we had planned:

  • Biggest and most complex Webasyst release in 2016: Shop-Script 7 and a mobile app for online store management.
  • Design theme Dummy, which is very handy for fast development of your own design themes.
  • New Team app.
  • Updated terms for the partner program including fair 50% discounts for our partners.
  • Over 40,000 written requests processed by the support team.
  • The number of developers working with Shop-Script 7 GitHub repository exceeded 1300.

Many new interesting and highly useful features are being planned for 2017:

  • Improved CRM system for better managing your clients, deals, and sales.
  • IP telephony support for Webasyst.
  • New versions of free design themes CUSTOM, Clear, and Nifty.
  • Several major updates for Shop-Script! In January or February, we are going to release the first of them to add convenient order assignment to couriers and other features that are most highly demanded by Shop-Script users.
  • Tasks, calendar entries, notes, and discussions will be easier to handle with new tools for online collaboration.
  • Webasyst Store and the entire website will receive better design and navigation to help you faster find even more useful apps and plugins for your Webasyst.

Many of the new features announced above are close to final release, so you will enjoy some of them very soon, at the very beginning of 2017. New Webasyst apps and features will be highly valuable for online stores and companies who are seeking ways to work faster and more efficient, and to be always online.

In 2017, Webasyst will significantly grow and will become your indispensable online office!