Shop-Script update: 7.3.0

We have updated Shop-Script’s mobile app to help you better manage your online store anywhere and anytime, via a smartphone or tablet. Shop-Script itself has been updated, too, to support the mobile app’s new features.

Updated mobile app

The new version will work at its full potential only when connected to Shop-Script updated at least to version 7.3.0.

Order and customer editing

We have added the options of editing orders and customers’ contact information to the mobile app.

Users can edit:

  • customer profile
  • shipping address, except for fields “Country”, “ZIP”, “State”, and “City”
  • shipping parameters: courier selection, and courier delivery date and time
  • shipping cost
  • order items: SKUs and services
  • discount amount

Couriers can edit:

  • customer profile
  • orders: order items, discount amount, shipping cost, shipping address, except for fields “Country”, “ZIP”, “State”, and “City”, and shipping parameters: courier selection, and courier delivery date and time

Enable the permission to edit these data in each courier’s settings, if necessary.

Quick order actions

Item quantity change and deletion. Swipe an order item to make additional buttons appear to quickly increase or decrease item quantity in an order, or to delete an item.

Action execution. Tap on an order’s status name at the top to show the list of available actions. Click the name of an action to execute it.

Improved user experience

Some things in the app have been made better:

  • Product search results cached on return from a product. In the previous version, when you ran a product search, then opened one of the found products, edited it, and returned back, the search results were lost and you had to search again to view them. Now search results are still there after you return, and your time and nerve cells no longer get wasted.
  • Long product names fully visible. Before this update you sometimes had to guess whether it’s the right product you are dealing with if you saw only a part of its long name. Now product names are fully displayed above their photos so that you don’t have to guess any more.
  • Stock names and products’ stock quantities visible on order-viewing screen. The previous mobile app version used to show only product names and SKU codes as well as ordered quantities and prices. With multiple stocks set up in Shop-Script, that was not enough for convenient work because you wanted to know how much of a product was left and on which stock. The app has become more useful in this case.

Bug fixes

Optimized product image upload, server HTTPS redirects taken into account for showing product images, improved verification of server SSL certificates, and other improvements. View the full list of changes in Shop-Script changelog.

New Shop-Script features

Availability of completed address fields on shipping method selection checkout step

Option “All address fields required by selected shipping option including hidden completed fields” has been added to prevent shipping plugins from hiding completed customer address fields if they did it. An example is Courier plugin. If a customer had specified the street address field in his shipping address, then Courier plugin did not allow to view or edit that field on shipping option selection step during checkout.

With the new settings option, a completed field remains visible and editable.

If you are using a shipping plugin, which still hides completed address fields, like Courier did, then ask the plugin developer to update his software. Courier plugin was updated shortly after Shop-Script’s update.

Viewing of product-adding date in backend

New column list option “Date added” has been added to the “Table” viewing mode setup dialog in “Products” section.

Before this update, you could only sort products by the date they were added to your catalog. But there was no way to view that date, except for directly accessing the database. This has become easier now.

Final transition to new WYSIWYG text editor

Users of Google Chrome browser can finally resume their normal work with Shop-Script, because text formatting functions have been restored in category and product description editing fields by this update. Applying of font bold, italics, underlining, and other styles to description text worked poorly in Chrome and similar browsers with the previous WYSIWYG editor version. We have updated the editor to a newer version in those backend sections, and it has fixed formatting functions there.

New API methods

They were added to Shop-Script for the new mobile app to use its new features. And they can be used by third-party developers of other software exchanging data with Shop-Script, too.

The new API methods are:

  • shop.order.calculate
  • shop.product.getServices

View full list of Shop-Script API methods.

Bug fixes

What’s been fixed:

  • non-availability for ordering of available products with some stock settings, including the use of virtual stocks
  • inconveniences in the order-adding process in backend
  • CSV file import errors with some server configurations
  • issues related to the development of design themes and plugins
  • other minor issues.

Upcoming updates

What we shall be releasing next:

  • update of CRM app
  • another update of Shop-Script and its mobile app

Wait for the news in your Installer!