Shop-Script update: 7.2.0

We have released a major Shop-Script update to ver. 7.2.0.

Shop-Script update 7.2.0

For follow-ups, you can now set the delay period in hours rather than days as before. Follow-ups can now be associated with any order states.

When editing an order, you have the option to cancel the sending of a notification to customer even if you have such a notification set up.

In mobile app push notifications for couriers were added, app content synchronization with user access rights was improved, custom address fields were added to order-viewing screen, and some bugs were fixed.

You can view the complete list of new features and changes on the Shop-Script changelog page.

This update is already available in your Installer and on GitHub.

In February, were are planning to release one more Shop-Script update to add these new functions:

  • Courier assignment in any order status using new system action “Change shipping parameters”.
  • Option for a customer to enter preferred order shipping date and time during checkout — for Courier plugin.
  • Order shipping date and time editing in main backend and via the mobile app.
  • Order sorting by shipping date and time as well as by status in main backend and in the mobile app.