Shop-Script update

Another update has been released for Shop-Script (major version 5.1.9 was not changed). New in this release:

  • “Include products from subcategories” parameter is now applied to the backend. When a parent category with this parameter enabled is being viewed in the backend, then products residing in its subactegories are displayed in a lighter color than those contained in this parent category.
  • Resizable left sidebar in “Products” backend screen. Adjustable sidebar width will be convenient for online stores with deeply nested subcategories of the category tree. To resize the sidebar, hover your mouse cursor over the sidebar to make the resizing control with arrow buttons appear at its bottom.
  • Increased size of the category settings dialog.
  • Added new plugin hooks including backend_settings_discounts and order_calculate_discount; use of these hooks will allow plugin developers to add custom discount calculation options with their own settings screens in addition to the default discounts.
  • Minor bug fixes.