Say Hello to Webasyst framework!

We are excited to introduce the new Webasyst — an open source PHP framework for building sleek multi-user web apps, intranet solution for businesses and teams, and complex websites.

Download the framework:
View demo:

We had been working on the project during the last two years. The alpha-version of the framework was first released in June 2011, and was available in Russian localization only (you may check out framework's russian blog to see how the project evolved). By now most of the framework's code has been finalized, the alpha-version stage is over, and we are thrilled to present the framework internationally!

The framework is the successor to our company's products — and Shop-Script shopping cart software. Our dev team continues to re-write, one by one, all 10 web applications of the family so that all will work fully on the basis of our new framework. A brand-new version of Shop-Script, which is being developed on the basis of the new Webasyst framework, will be introduced in December 2012.

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