New Webasyst website and end of sales of previous app versions

We are on the homestretch to the complete transition from the previous generation of WebAsyst software to the new Webasyst framework!

Yesterday we rolled out a new version of our website dedicated only to our modern development platform (framework) and products developed on its basis: Shop-Script 5, Mailer, Blog, Photos, and other apps.

On the new website we have opened our Webasyst store at, where we offer all our apps, plugins, and design themes available for installation via the built-in Installer app. The store currently contains only products developed by our company, and it is not yet available for third-party developers; this is the next task we are working on. Webasyst store will be opened for third-party developers during the fall of 2013!

Also, on the new website we have a new “Support & Help” section offering combined functionality of a forum and and an open knowledge base. You are welcome to post questions and participate in discussions! By the way, this section is powered by our new Hub app, which will be released for public use a little later.

In the developer documentation we have new sections with descriptions of API methods and plugin hooks.

The old website of the previous WebAsyst generation is now available at

With the website update, sales of old WebAsyst apps will be closed in several days, on September 17th, 2013. After that date, previous versions will not be available for ordering any longer. So, if you were planning to use some of old products for your projects, please consider ordering additional licenses now while there is such an opportunity. Previous versions of Webasyst apps can be ordered in your Customer Center or at

Customer support

Technical support will be rendered to all users of previous Webasyst versions without any limitations.

Old apps descriptions, knowledge base & user manuals, forum

All contents of the previous website have been moved to There you can find all useful information about previous versions of WebAsyst products.

WebAsyst online services (

The option to sign up for new accounts has been disabled but all existing paid accounts will continue to operate as before; we are not planning to close them down.

As an alternative, we offer you our cloud service for using Webasyst framework based applications in a similar fashion.

Referral & reselling programs

Because applications based on the previous Webasyst platform will soon be no longer available for ordering, the referral and reselling programs will be closed automatically, too.

All accruals for completed orders will be paid to referral partners in accordance with the terms and conditions of the partnership program.

Resellers will retain the right to transfer all purchased licenses to their clients, as before, in their Customer Center accounts even after the sales are closed.

If you have further questions, please post them in the comments.