Long time no see

It may seem that it’s been too quiet in Webasyst during last few years. A deepest dive in the development deflated our team’s best intentions on timely announcing the releases, but that was a very important period for cementing the vision of Webasyst as an all-in-one cloud app platform ready for new awesome projects, cloud apps, and releases — open to any developer worldwide.

Many important releases of the Webasyst platform and its apps took place lately.
Summarizing all the highlights our team and fellow partners have done in 2019—2022:

  • Lots of amazing all-new cloud apps for teams: Teamwork, Remote, Mailer, Hub, Pocket Lists, Photos, Cash Flow, and more.
  • 65+ updates of the Webasyst framework.
  • 60+ updates of our flagship Shop-Script app.
  • Shop-Script Premium version with a set of advanced pro-grade ecommerce features.
  • Unified ‘All Webasyst’ app bundle uniting 15+ major Webasyst apps available both in the cloud and for your own custom server infrastructure.
  • Webasyst 2 UI design system (private app).
  • Webasyst ID authentication.
  • Webasyst.com brand-new site.
  • Webasyst Sender bulk email gateway seamlessly integrated with the Mailer app.
  • Webasyst Teamwork mobile apps for iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play).
  • Webasyst X open source project for Swift (iOS), Kotlin (Android), and Electron (JS; Windows/macOS).
  • New app distribution models for developers: subscriptions, freemium/premium-based.
  • Deployment APIs for Webasyst app developers: cloud, Installer, Webasyst ID, and more.

As we are heading to deliver new Webasyst apps in the near future, we’ll be covering new updates in details from now on. Stay tuned!