Files app: Dropbox & WebDAV

An update for Files app has been released: version 1.1.0.

In this version, we have added support for data synchronization with remote file storages and other resources. The synchronization occurs by means of plugins. To help you start using this useful feature right away, we have also published two free plugins: "Dropbox" and "WebDAV server".

"Dropbox" plugin

Now not only you can work with files stored in your Dropbox account. Any users who have access to your Webasyst backend can now access those files, too. Choose which is more suitable for you: allow Files app to access all files in your Dropbox or only a single folder.

With this plugin set up, documents of your Dropbox account will become available in Files app just as another files folder. Work with those files in Files app as usual, any changes you make will be automatically synchronized with your Dropbox account.

How to connect Files app to Dropbox.

"WebDAV server" plugin

With this plugin, synchronization works the other way: files stored in your Files app can be made accessible from outside. You do not even have to log into your Webasyst account to upload, replace, delete, or rename documents stored in Files.

Simply map a network drive, connected to Files app, on your computer; e.g., using File Explorer in Windows or Finder in Mac OS X, and work with its contents as you usually do with locally stored files. Any changes you make will be automatically applied to files stored in Files app, you will see them whenever you log back into Webasyst. This kind of data exchange is implemented with the use of WebDAV technology.

How to connect a network drive on your computer to Files app.