DNS settings change for domains linked to Webasyst Cloud

Good news! We have finalized the connection of Webasyst Cloud to anti-DDOS filters provided by DDOS-GUARD company.

This system change may require additional setup for your domains linked to Webasyst Cloud. Note that for all domain names registered via Webasyst, as well as those using DNS server ns.you-online-dns.net, all necessary setup has been completed by Cloud staff. If all your linked domains use this DNS server, then you do not need to do anything extra, your websites will continue working as usual.

How to find out whether additional setup is required for your domain

Enter your domain name linked to Webasyst Cloud on the WHOIS lookup page and run the search.

View the names of DNS servers ("Name Servers") on the results page:

If you have different DNS (name) servers than those shown in the picture above, then change your domain settings as described below.

What must be changed

For domain names linked to Webasyst Cloud and using their own DNS servers, log into your account on the registrar's website and specify the following DNS server values:

  • ns.you-online-dns.net
  • ns1.you-online-dns.net

This change must be accomplished until April 15, otherwise your domain names will stop responding and your websites will become unavailable. Should this change be made until the specified date, no interruption in your websites operation will take place.

Still have questions?

To receive additional information, please contact our support team via your Customer Center.