Major Webasyst update 1.2.3: CMS, customer personal accounts, new Contacts, improved Default 2.0 theme

We are excited to announce a major update, upon which we have been working this summer and which has affected almost all Webasyst components: Webasyst framework kernel, Site, Contacts, Shop-Script 5, Blog, Photos, Helpdesk apps, and all basic design themes. Including the design themes, this update was applied to a total of over 40 software products, and all these products are already available in your Installer!

New vision for CMS

The main point of this update was to facilitate the use of Webasyst and Shop-Script 5 by beginners for creating a website or an online store. Because Webasyst framework is very flexible in creation of multiple websites powered by different sets of Webasyst apps connected with each other only by means of routing setup, website management has never been absolutely trivial. Because it is equally important both to provide maximum flexibility for experienced users and to help beginners quickly understand the basics without having to go into details.

In this update, we have made a large step forward by creating a new user interface for our design editor. Now you can edit settlement settings (routing rules) directly in the app you are currently using without opening the Site app. This significantly facilitates acquaintance with the software by first-time users! Before this update, you had to use the Site app to create online storefronts for Shop-Script 5, but now these options are available directly within Shop-Script 5 backend: select design themes, create new storefronts (e.g., for Facebook integration), edit storefront settings. This works for every Webasyst app which supports built-in design editor: Shop-Script 5, Photos, Blog, Site.

Personal accounts

We have added a new section to the Site app to allow editing various parameters of the customer account available in the website frontend: structure (navigation menu), registration and profile-editing form fields, email address confirmation option, etc.

The personal account is a special part of a website, which is powered by various apps. For example, one of its sections may be powered by Shop-Script (my orders, affiliate program), others by Helpdesk (my support requests) or Site (user profile), etc.

Integration between various parts of the personal account is ensured by use of the common navigation system provided by $wa->myNav() method called in design theme templates. With this integration, each section, being provided by a different app, still works completely by itself. This way we can expand the functionality of the personal account virtually infinitely. Webasyst apps which we will be releasing in the future (e.g., the Hub app we are currently working on) will be able to add their own sections to the personal account regardless of what other apps are installed in the framework.

Design theme Default 2.0


Design theme Default 2.0 has been rebuilt again and has become even more convenient and impressive! This time we have paid a great deal of attention to making it easy to use with any set of Webasyst apps you have installed: either only one of them (Shop-Script 5, Site, Blog, or Photos), or all of them at once. Most of the informational design elements (e.g., caption displayed in the homepage) have been arranged as extra design theme settings so that you do not have to edit template files to change them.

The updated Default 2.0 theme offers 24 brand new amazing color schemes (main banner backgrounds) to help you adjust website appearance to your specific needs.

Its mobile version has been redesigned, too, to become more comfortable for smartphone users.

Various enhancements have also been made to improve user experience for customers placing orders in Shop-Script 5 with Default 2.0 theme: "flying cart", optimized shopping cart page, improved product comparison, and many other features.

New Sidebar 2.0 design theme

Sidebar 2.0 has a brand-new look too! Check out the demo:

New Contacts

In framework kernel and in Contacts app, contact and user management mechanism has been redesigned as one of our steps to completing the big task of enhancing contact management functionality in Webasyst. Very soon we will show you a significantly improved version of our Contacts!

Shop-Script 5.2.3

The kernel of Shop-Script 5 contains not so many changes this time, except for design theme Default 2.0, which is included in Shop-Script 5 by default.

Very useful major update to Shop-Script 5.3.0 will be available a little later this year!

For web designers and developers

Please view the complete history of changes in the source code of Webasyst apps and design themes on GitHub: