Great news for all users of Webasyst Cloud! With pricing plans "Pro" and "Premium", you now have the free option to accelerate your website using CDN.

What is CDN?

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a network of servers, spread across the world, which allows faster and more efficient distribution of content to website users. Content delivery occurs from the nearest CDN server rather than from your hosting company's web server, which may be geographically located far from a user.

Learn more details on how CDN works in article How to speed up a Webasyst-powered website using CDN.

How faster does CDN make a website?

From 30 to 70%! The actual increase of page loading speed depends on the amount of content of a particular website page, i.e. images, video, scripts, styles, etc. The more static content is used on a page, the faster a page loads with CDN.

In our tests, simply enabling CDN on promo site has reduced average loading time of the home page from 5.4 to 3.2 sec.

In Webasyst Cloud and on our main websites, Webasyst and Shop-Script 6, we cooperate with, one of the leading CDN providers.

How do I enable CDN acceleration in my Webasyst Cloud account?

It's easy!

  1. Log into your Cloud backend, open Cloud app, navigate to Site acceleration section, and get a CDN URL generated for your account (you may also get CDN URL in your Customer Center in section Hosting > your Cloud account > Site acceleration):

    Wait for 15 minutes, which are required to allocate storage space for your files on CDN provider's servers.
  2. Then simply copy & paste that URL to the Settings screen of the website, in your Site app, which you want to accelerate using CDN.

  3. Done! From this moment on all product images, photos, CSS, JS scripts, and other static content will be automatically distributed via CDN, which will reduce average loading time of your website pages.

The use of CDN in Webasyst Cloud is absolutely free and is available with pricing plans "Pro" and "Premium". No limitations are applied to CDN-generated traffic.

Can I use CDN acceleration on my own web server (not in Webasyst Cloud)?

Yes, you can. In this case you should choose a CDN provider and pay for their services. It may cost quite a lot for one website, more than any plan in Webasyst Cloud. In Webasyst Cloud, we have settled all technical and organizational CDN-related issues, so all you need to do is to simply enable acceleration in your website settings.

Is there any situation when I should not enable CDN?

We do not recommend you to enable it while your website is under development and you are heavily editing HTML templates, CSS styles, or re-uploading images. Enabling CDN acceleration will impede testing of your changes at this stage.

Once you have completed most of the works on your site, we strongly recommend you to begin using CDN. It is a simple yet effective method to make your website load faster.

A major update to Webasyst is coming this July!

The update will feature an all-new Webasyst Dashboard, which will collect the most important information from all your apps and display it on your account backend homepage.

The Dashboard is personal, which means that every Webasyst user (your team agent) will be able to fully customize its layout and add only those widgets which are important for his everyday work.

The Live Stream feed on the Dashboard will display a summary of every app's real-time activity so that you can stay up to date with what's happening in your company and your Webasyst account right now.

The Dashboard has been one of the most anticipated features since the very first release of Webasyst Framework, and we are really happy to finally deliver it to you this July!

Exciting news today! Webasyst is back with brand-new Webasyst and Shop-Script websites, and upcoming plans are thrilling!

In summer 2015, we will release Shop-Script 6.1.0 update with some cool new features which will make Shop-Script a better ecommerce platform for international merchants. Then there will be the release of something totally cool (that we cannot disclose for now, but it's highly anticipated!). In fall 2015, please expect our new app for managing projects and tasks. It's all going to be just awesome!

As many of you know, during last few years, Webasyst was busy developing Webasyst PHP Framework and Shop-Script ecommerce platform focusing primarily on Russian market. Historically, our team had many customers in Russia, and so that was a great way for us to increase development and innovation efficiency by focusing on that primary region. Our team has done an incredible job of making wonderful products during last few years, and we are really thrilled to start shipping them to you now.

As for now, let us leave these two pictures for the history:

And these two as well:

We have released new design theme Mobile, specially created for modern iOS and Android-powered smartphones.

View the new design theme in Webasyst Store:

Mobile theme is free and supports most of currently available Webasyst apps: Site, Shop-Script 6, Blog, Photos, Hub, Helpdesk, and Mailer.

Design theme Mobile will be a great supplement to your website's main theme. Enable it for mobile devices in site settings to immediately make your website more convenient for smartphone users!

How to try

Open this URL in your smartphone: to see how it looks.

If you have an iOS or Android-based device, Webasyst will automatically switch to the new Mobile design theme. If you use a tablet, a laptop, or a desktop PC, standard design theme Default 2.0 will be displayed.

Who should use it?

We recommend Mobile theme to all users whose websites are not yet optimized for mobile devices.

At least this will make your website more user-friendly to smartphone owners whose portion among active website visitors has been growing at an enormous rate in the past years.

And, more important, Google recently announced that effective April 21, 2015, availability of a special website version optimized for mobile devices will be taken into account as an important ranking parameter in search results.

If your current design theme already supports mobile devices, then there is no need to switch to Mobile theme right away, you may continue using your own theme. Should you be not quite satisfied with your current theme's mobile version, the new Mobile theme would be a great solution for you.

If your Webasyst-based website is not yet optimized for mobile devices, we suggest that you start using it immediately to increase the website's overall efficiency.

How to start using the new theme

It is very ease to begin using design theme Mobile. Log into your Webasyst backend and select the app for which you want to enable the new theme. Navigate to screen Design (Storefront) → Themes, find the Mobile theme in the list and click its name. The theme will be installed automatically. Upon installation, click on Start using Mobile theme and ensure that option Apply this theme for mobile devices only is enabled when you do so. Done!

If you cannot see the "Apply this theme for mobile devices only" option, first update Webasyst framework to the latest version available in the Installer.

Should you skip the theme connection dialog shown above for any reason, you can still select the new theme in your website's settlement settings, in section Site → Structure or on individual apps' Design (Storefront) → Settings screens.

After this change, the new design theme will be applied when someone opens your website on a smartphone.

Use of the Mobile theme complies with all recommendations by Google for websites displaying device dependent content, it was developed in accordance with markup guidelines, like all other basic Webasyst themes.

Extra bonus: Simplified design theme update routine

We have one more excellent news for you today! We have added the option of simplified design themes updates to Webasyst framework.

If you have not modified any template file in your design theme and have changed your website appearance only via the Settings screen (such changes are stored in manifest file theme.xml), then your theme is automatically updated to the most recent version once you install an update via Installer!

Should you have modified at least one design template file, then automatic update is not applied, and Webasyst will offer you to quickly replace all non-modified files, will automatically add all new files available in the newer version, and will also offer you to update modified files of your choice.

If you have a very customized design theme and do not want your changes to be lost because of an update, do not worry! You are in complete control of the update process; nothing important will be overwritten or lost without your input.

* * *

As always, we are looking forward to your comments and suggestions!

If you have noticed that something does not work properly on your mobile device, please tell us in the comments below or post a bug report in the "Help" section. Note that the new design theme was developed for iOS and Android-powered smartphones and is not recommended for use on desktop computers. The theme also lacks special optimization for Windows Phone, we shall add it in one of the next releases.

Shop-Script 6

We are super excited to start shipping Shop-Script 6 today!

All-new comprehensive analytics tools provided by Shop-Script 6 are best-in-class among all existing ecommerce frameworks, and we are thrilled to continue our work on the new version and to deliver even better updates in the future.

Shop-Script 6 is free for developers and $249 (one-time license fee) for establishing a live commercial online store. Check out the demo, download the source code, or purchase a license.

Upgrade for all Shop-Script 5 users is free! Install the update via Installer app in your Webasyst backend — with just a single click.

New Shop-Script 6 is coming on March 25, 2015

We are super-excited to announce the upcoming release of Shop-Script 6 — a major update to Shop-Script 5 which we announced earlier. It's going to be the most functional and useful Shop-Script update yet!

  • Shop-Script 6 all-new analytics tools will be best-in-class compared to any other existing ecommerce platforms.
  • The update will be free for all Shop-Script 5 users!
  • With this update, we shall make the base Shop-Script license price even lower — just $249.
  • Shop-Script 6 will be compatible with all existing plugins and design themes for Shop-Script 5, and will install via Installer app with only one mouse click.
  • The new version will be released on March 25, 2015.

Early access

Check out the new Shop-Script 6 on its promo site:
Here is an invitation code for all our blog subscribers and followers to access Shop-Script 6 source code, download, and check out the live demo: SS6EARLYBIRD

The full list of new Shop-Script features:

Can't wait for March 25? Just a few days are left!

Two whole years have passed since the very first release of Shop-Script 5. On February 12, 2013 we announced the first developer version of Shop-Script 5 for all who pre-ordered this new product, and one month later the official release became available.

During these two years, Shop-Script 5 has been being constantly enhanced and developed. Here are some interesting statistics as of February 18, 2015:

Big update to be released in March 2015

Right now we are working on the next big update for Shop-Script 5 which will be available next month, March this year. Here are some of the new features that will be added with this upcoming release:

  • Completely revised reports to facilitate the analysis of what products are selling best, which of them yield the most profit, where do customers come from, and how well your marketing investments are returned
  • Automatic rounding of prices converted from other currencies
  • Detailed information on how the discounts were calculated for each individual order
  • Improved product search algorithm
  • Multiple user interface enhancements
  • Separate design theme "Mobile" developed specially for mobile iOS and Android-powered devices
  • Automatic connection of orders to existing registered customers based on matching email address, even if the customer is not authorized (optional setting)
  • Much, much more!

All the suggestions which you have sent us during these two years have been taken into account for the development of this big upcoming update. If you still have interesting ideas for improving Shop-Script 5, and made more convenient and efficient, please feel free to add them by commenting on this blog post or add them as new topics in our support hub. We are always interested in receiving your suggestions and feedback, and we always review them as we work on the next update.

Happy New Year 2015!

Thanks to all of you who followed the development of Webasyst in 2014! During the past year we have completed an enormous amount of work and are very optimistic about our platform's future.

Results of 2014

Some up-to-date statistics:

  • Total number of Shop-Script 5 licenses is more than 5,000. The number of online stores hosted in Webasyst Cloud exceeds 1,000.
  • 505,618 updates of apps, plugins, and design themes installed via Webasyst Installer during the year.
  • Over 850 developers have received access to Shop-Script 5 repository.
  • Webasyst support team has processed over 26,000 customer requests.

Plans for 2015

  • In Q1 2015 we shall release a major update of Shop-Script with numerous extremely useful features including completely new sales reports and dozens of hot functions which you requested before.
  • Effective January 1, 2015, we shall discontinue customer support to users of the old version WebAsyst Shop-Script.
  • We shall open a new partner program for regional resellers and will work on expanding the distribution of Webasyst across the world and on its localization to other languages.
  • A special Helpdesk+CRM solution based on Helpdesk, Hub, Mailer, and Contacts PRO will be offered which will enable online store owners to provide customer support at an absolutely new, higher level.
  • Some more useful apps will be released to make Webasyst an even more convenient and flexible CMS+intranet system.
  • The global Webasyst developer and designer community will keep growing.

Subscribe to Webasyst blog, download and install Webasyst, sign up for cloud accounts, buy useful stuff in Webasyst Store!

We promise: The coming year will be even more interesting! Follow our news, and have a happy New Year!

Please note that Webasyst support team will be processing customer requests at a limited rate from December 30, 2014 through January 4, 2015. The normal operation of our support service will be resumed on January 5, 2015 (which is Monday).

If you are planning to submit your custom app, plugin, or design theme for publication in Webasyst Store, then please be patient as you may receive no feedback from the moderators from December 31, 2014 through January 12, 2015.

We are excited to announce a terrific update for Blog and Photos apps, which will make these apps even more powerful for bloggers and photo publishers.

New in Blog 1.3.0:

  • New "Mirror" editing mode: see real-time blog post preview as you type!
  • Full integration with Photos app: all photos uploaded via Blog app's WYSIWYG editor are now uploaded to Photos app, which allows you to use comprehensive photo management tools such as photos editing and on-fly thumbnail generation.
  • Photo album attachments: the ability to dynamically embed photo album content in any blog post.
  • Multiple functional and user-interface related improvements.

New in Photos 1.2.0:

  • New album navigation with support for beautiful album covers (demo).
  • Integration with Blog app: view and edit images uploaded via Blog app's WYSIWYG editor.
  • Full support for Retina displays in Photos app backend.
  • Multiple functional and user-interface related improvements.

The update for both apps is available for free via Installer app within your Webasyst backend.
If you are new to Webasyst, create an account in the cloud or download and install Blog and Photos apps on your server.

If you are using a customized version of one of free stock themes, some modifications may be required for activating new features such as photo albums attachment and album navigation. See the full list of design theme changes in this update:

Blog design theme changes:

Photos theme changes: